Feb 21, 2007

Poor Vamps

Apparently, there is poor vascularization in the Crypts of Lieberkuhn. Translation? Not much blood for the vampires. No wonder the hero was able to vanquish them so easily! He's off to the Valves of Kerckring now. We wish him godspeed.

In other vampire news, the vampires in St. Louis apparently got me, because according to my Living Anatomy clinical tutor, I don't have a brachial or radial pulse. D'oh.

In NON-vampire related news (how novel?), our new biochem professor throws candy at us, and introduced himself with study tips in the guise of pictures of animals doing cute human things. This came as such a sharp slap in the opposite direction of our previous biochem professor that I swear, an airbag deployed from the seat in front of me. Where has this guy been all my life???

Combined with the fact that Paparo took back over for histology again, because apparently the department likes screwing with my emotions, this may be the first time since the first week of school that I have actually attended all four hours of lecture on a given day. Perish the thought!

Oh, I slept! I slept I slept I slept I slept! Wahoo!!!!!!! I am going to worship at the altar of Unisom for all I'm worth, and the first thing I did after biochem small group (which inexplicably *wasn't* a waste of an hour of my life) was run to the pharmacy to secure a supply. Oh sweet slumber, how I've missed thee!!! Though I dreamed that I was diving and ran out of air with twenty minutes of deco left. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Yay, stress dreams. I figure you're gonna get a lot of those.

I had a gamer friend in college who dreamed we were playing a pool table sized game that he didn't understand and all of us were urging him to roll a 100 sided die to determine what was going to happen to him.

My stress dreams were more classroom specific, I found myself in the classroom of a class I had not been able to find all semester and they were now taking a test on materials I hadn't been able to learn about.

Just remember to breathe. ;)

Ishie said...

Check out "D&D" on iTunes by Stephen Lynch...

I don't want any classroom specific dreams though! I think I prefer the "Ishie's gonna die of the bends" dreams to the "Taking finals with no clue what's going on"!!!!

Gotta remember to breathe... gotta remember to breathe.

Thanks for reading, Airor!