Feb 28, 2007


Oi, my brain... that much exposure to biochem can't be good for you.

Quick hero update: Good news!!! Despite my absence (or perhaps because of it), Manlocks has recovered from his brutal retreat to the Rectal Shelves of Houston and is at this moment hopscotching his way from Islet of Langerhans to Islet of Langerhans in noble pursuit of... I dunno... a final goal of securing lingual lipase? For the uninitiated, that puts him all the way up at the pancreas. For the REALLY uninitiated, that's near your stomach. For the really REALLY uninitiated, if you stick your finger in your bellybutton and drag it up your tummy a little bit, around there.

For those of you REALLY confused about why there's a little dude with long flowing manlocks and bulging man-biceps running around someone's GI tract (with a sidetrack off to the glands), scroll back a few posts to the "Histology Relevance" post, which celebrates the last shreds of my sanity flying out the dorm window.

Speaking of dorms, I've been locked in mine since... uh... when was my last scheduled lecture for Tuesday? 3 PM? Yeah... I've been locked in the dorm since about 2 PM. Since I think the recorded times may be a bit jacked due to still being set to Pacific Time, or Eastern Time, or Greenwich standard or whatever, for reference... frickity frick frick, it's 3:30 in the morning.

Yeah yeah, I ditched Clinical Skills again... I have a 100 in that class, which I don't believe is difficult. I would feel bad, because I actually really like the instructor that was teaching today (since he's the one that let me off with an ace bandage rather than a big bulky cast when I sprained my ankle), but midterms be midterms. It's not like I walked out mid-class or anything.

I was going to work out tonight in the gym, and honestly ended up taking my study BREAKS by doing sit-ups and push-ups in my room. I'm officially a spiderweb tattoo and a gang allegiance away from prison. View's nicer though.

On the plus side, I now really have a full appreciation and understanding of acetyl-CoA carboxylase and fatty acid synthase, as well as the glandular GI system and the blood supply of the abdominal region.

On the minus side, there's warm goo leaking out my ears, and we haven't studied the head and neck in Anatomy or histo yet, so I can't determine which portion of my brain it is or whether it's important enough to cause probbbbbbblblblblblblbbbbbllbllbllb


Anonymous said...

I love my pancreas by Weird Al might not help Manlocks but at least it's funny.

Good luck on those midterms!


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