Oct 29, 2016

The end?

Well, I promised for years I wasn't ending the blog, but now I believe I am.

I passed the miserable cytopathology boards in miserable Tampa.  I am a triple boarded pathologist and so I shall remain for the next nine years until the maintenance of certification exam.

As of last Tuesday, my ACL has been repaired using my hamstring, and I'm beginning the road to recovery.  I'm up, walking, and cooking.  Granted, it's with a Frankenbrace, but it's a thing.

I love my job and colleagues.  I love my new city.  We're closing on our dream house in 32 days.  In January, it'll be time for a dog.

I'm married.  It's fun.  It's weird how nothing much changed.  I still have to self correct calling the hubby "my boyfriend".

So I feel like I've grown up here.  And it turns out, for all the twists and turns, a Caribbean MD was good enough for me and it's gotten me where I am, but there's not a whole lot more I can tell you about it.

When I got to Grenada, it was the 30th anniversary of the school.  Now it's the 40th.  The original graduates spoke of all the changes that had come about.  In their day, cattle and mosquitoes both frolicked freely in lecture tents, and meat was obtained through the "chicken man" who would slaughter a chicken for you.

In mine, there were grocery stores and a new-ish sushi and Italian place.  I'm certain the island has changed.  I'm certain the school and clinical rotations have changed.  Hopefully the tuition has gone down.

I don't have much to tell you all (though I suppose now it's "yinz" other than thank you so much for being with me through this journey.  I won't say "follow your dreams" because that's cheesy, unoriginal, and frequently leads to financial ruin, but sometimes it works out.  It did for me.

I'm playing with the idea of having a Steel City Transplant blog.  It would be recipes, travelogues, meal reviews, and the other minutia of day to day life found on any other blog.  Still not sure if I'll maintain it or if it's worth having.  Not asking for input, just not sure.

Goodbye and good luck.


Dr. Ishie