Feb 25, 2007

Get Your Study On!

So we're in the last week before midterms; the final countdown, and while I still feel woefully unprepared, at the same time, I've studied so much that I think my eyeballs are bleeding. I haven't gotten a chance to revisit Histo, so Manlocks is still on hiatus, though he does get new episodes at least more often than House, who is being CRUELLY pushed back again and again because Fox has decided to change its name to "All American Idol; All the Time". Frigging insipid show.

In biochem though, I'm finally cracking the mysteries of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway. Apparently, it's to produce NADPH for fatty acid synthesis. Couldn't have let you guys go your whole lives without knowing that, right? Hooray. But at least the burden of knowing NOTHING about it is off my shoulders. Now ask me about the enzymes in the pathway... uh oh! Back to studying.

So... this video has been circulating around campus, and though we don't have the bitchin' ice rink, it's a pretty accurate representation of first year medical school. You're just lucky I posted this instead of the House and Wilson clips synthed to the theme song from Pinky and the Brain. That's next week.

And yes, I'm a Netter slaaaaave.


Saora1 said...

There's also this video that someone in my class gave to one of our Pharm profs last term; who then proceeded to play it for us.


Ishie said...

Heh heh heh.... Very cool!

There's also a cool Matrix "Escaping Med School" thing on there.

Ah youtube. Way #4583 to kill time in med school...