Feb 4, 2007

I saw...

A spotted eagle ray!! My first one ever! The thing had about a 6 foot wingspan, causing me to mistake it for a manta ray briefly and then I saw the head, and naturally, I had neglected to bring my camera! Ah well... those are never good shots anyway, she said as if sour grapes had never been explained to her.

Awesome dive though. In a sense, I'm glad I hadn't done much warm water diving (though the Philippines were amazing) before I came to live here, because it means I am endlessly impressed and amazed by the diving here, plus, after I leave or when I take trips, the places described as better (Tobago, Carriacou, Bonaire, Dominica, Little Cayman) will seem better in comparison rather than this place seeming worse. So for the meantime, I'm pleased.

Of course, I'm also the sort of person (the photographer sort of person) that will dive the same site over and over. Ask me how many times I've dived the Breakwater in Monterey (popular training site). Go on! Heh heh.

Also a couple spotted morays on this dive, and a big 'cuda. One of the highlights for me was a porcupine fish that was about three feet long. I'd seen these cute *little* guys in the Philippines and the maximum length I saw was about 7 inches. I had no idea they got that big! Our divemaster, Phil, clicked and pointed and kept swimming, and I saw rather large flapping fins and thought "Hmm... snapper?" then went around the bend and went "AIIIEEE!" The weird part, is even on steroids, they look identical and still have that cute expression on their faces that I call *chirp?* Don't ask.

Unfortunately, I dropped by the store on the way home, feeling pretty confident and while waiting for the bus, eavesdropped on two other students quizzing each other. OMG, I don't know anything! Eek! Eek and damn! So I'm studying my butt off now in preparation for a five hour study session tonight which will hopefully cement things before unified. Halp!

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