Feb 23, 2007

Yo estudio mucho

Thus Ishie continues her mangling of the Spanish language, since I believe, for New Year's, I wished people a New Ass because I couldn't find a tilda. D'oh.

Our hero, Manlocks, whose exploits have been chronicled in the last couple of entries, I'm afraid to report, has ended up going the wrong way in his journey, so much the wrong way that he ended up at Rectal Shelves of Houston. Tough blow, Manlocks. I've been to Texas, and I think you were safer in the Crypts of Lieberkuhn. Ah well. Since histology is much kinder in contributing to Manlocks' journey, once I finish cramming in anatomy (so to speak), I'm sure he'll be back on track once again.

Soooooo... I've actually been really productive these last couple days. I am almost caught up in histology, embryology, and anatomy (though I'd like to review the old material I've gone over), so I'm going to go ahead and feel good, ignoring that suspiciously biochem-shaped tsunami shadow looming over me. Beta oxidation of fatty acid says "wha?"...

On the additional productive side, I engaged in a little self experiment in beta oxidation of fatty acids by spending an hour at the gym yesterday, because I FINALLY got there early enough in the morning to reserve a precor (like an elliptical) for the evening, thus had a 'gym appointment' if you will. So yesterday was good for body and mind. Today? Well, it's Friday. I'm hoping body and mind haven't checked out entirely due to being slathered in health. Blech.

I'm also going to end up owing half my remaining loan check to iTunes (and the other half to the dive shop, if I ever get time to dive again) since I've discovered that they create entire suggested playlists like "nondistracting jazz to study by". Though as it turns out, Mozart's Requiem makes an awesome study aid. Pleasant but you can't 'sing along' to it except for one portion that sounds inexplicably like "I'm only 40!! I'm only 60!". Listen to it and tell me I'm wrong.

I've also discovered that Stephen Lynch's "The Craig Machine" is completely awful to study to, which sucks, because I love it so... "I like to watch Fox News and then go club some baby sealsssss...." Awesome. Grab it if you can. It doesn't hurt that Stephen Lynch also makes for compelling eye candy, which is incidentally, how I ended up listening to his music because I was going to watch his Comedy Central special with the sound off until discovering he was the one singing comedian (in history) that doesn't suck!

Well, off to class.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be Yo estudio mucho with a question mark? LOL Great to see you on another upswing of productivity Ishie. I still admire your courage and perservance. Also glad to hear your Dad is doing okay now... tell him 'hi' from the Texan!

Keep on blogging chica!

Ishie said...

Thanks Abs! And my dad says Hi to the Texan(s)!