Feb 24, 2007

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At SGU, student access to television is rather limited if one doesn't want to go to great hassle to bring one/buy one, attempt to get Cable/Wireless to hook one up, and get your roommate to consent to this.

Some people have tv tuners on their laptops. I don't know if mine has one. I'm not sure I *want* to know if mine has one. I have a bit of an addictive personality.

So my television is filtered through either youtube, with mundo thanks going to Google for screwing that up (though I can still get Red Dwarf; Hooray!!), peekvid (Shhh), iTunes, and trying to secure one of the TVs at Glover's.

This sounds like a lot of access. It isn't.

So I'm not sure if the dissection videos on the Macdaddy honestly are must see tv, the third best medical show since House and Scrubs (sorry Grey's people, but I just can't like it), or if I'm simply in so much television withdrawal that ANY form of continuous media seems absolutely awesome, but it's working for me.

I'm also a big fan of passive studying because hey, I'm lazy, but this passive studying is honestly working!!

I was searching for gross structures by hunting through Rohen's and Netter, which works, but takes a long time. Half hour watching Dr. No-gloves (ewwwwwww) mangle the mediastinum and I was spotting structures like a pro.

Also, upon suggestion in Nina's blog, I took to eating mysterious midnight BBQ while watching said dissection videos. I'm hardcore, beotches.

Which brings me to the tentative regeneration of the "I got beef" dance. Apparently I *can* eat beef when prepared mystery-meat style in a midnight BBQ outside the dorm and suffer no ill effects. I simply cannot buy extremely healthy (not juicy, good coloration, no odor) looking meat from the supermarket, cook it myself, and refrain from spending the night worshipping the porcelain idol. Be advised. If you're gonna eat meat, buy it from people who have no credentials who throw it into fire. Now, if you're gonna eat mayonnaise, buy it sealed at the supermarket and keep it in a passworded refrigerated safe. I haven't done mayo poisoning yet because I've heard too many stories, thus I don't eat it when I go elsewhere.

I was supposed to do a mock practical today, but there was no announcement, no schedule posted or whathaveyou, so I don't know if they did it and I missed it or I had the wrong day, but damn. Ah well, I've done anatomy lab practicals before. One hopes it's the same here. How many ways can you tag the azygos vein? That was a Browning poem, right?

Later on, it's biochem for Ishie. It's the last midterm of exam week on Friday, but I take no chances. I wouldn't know a pentose phosphate metabolic pathway if I were metabolizing one. Which I probably am. See how much trouble I'm in?

And histo. Ah, histo. Do they pick these slides by throwing darts at modernist paintings, because that's the only conclusion I can come to. I like scanning electron micrographs though, not because I can identify any of the structures or anything, but because they look cool and I'm a dork. I hate transmission micrographs though. They are to histo what body cross sections are to anatomy. Everything just looks like a hole or a not-a-hole. I don't even know how to begin identification beyond that. Since exams are multiple guess, I'm hoping that "Hole" and "Not-A-Hole" are listed options.

But I think I just lost a big part of my audience. So... gerbil in rectum!

Oh, and another "hi!" to Sej's sister. She says you're totally down with the Crypts of Lieberkuhn. And she's studying her ass off with a brief hiatus to also engage in midnight BBQ.


Saora1 said...

Cable and Wireless only does phones and internet. You're thinking of Cable Vision. Totally not worth the hassle and the programming sucks anyway.

You most likely do not have a TV tuner card as it's not a standard computer component. You can buy a USB one later if you really want TV though. Not worth it IMO.

Try using McMinn's Interactive Clinical Anatomy if you have that. I know we got it in our book list my 1st term and it's really quite good. It's actual photographs of dissection rather than drawings like in Netter and you can click on structures to identify them. Plus there are other goodies like explanations, etc. It's very useful and it's dones by Dr. Peter Abrahams who lectures at this school as a guest professor. If you look in the front of Baby Moore, you'll see his name listed in there. He's a pompous little ass (British surgeon) but very good at what he does and a good teacher.

They also took many of our Anat (test) slides from there. If you don't have it, send me a PM and I'll burn it for you (should work as I don't think it needs a key) and you can meet me on campus to get it.

Oh and you get extra props for not liking Gray's plus 1 bonus point for Scrubs. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie! I feel so honoured to be mentioned...Better make sure you keep Sej on the straight and narrow.

I don't like Grey's either. They had a chance last week to kill Meredith and that's the only reason why I watched it. Alas - they caved and she remains.

You're a great writer. If you have a chance after midterms, get Sej's copy of Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures if you haven't read it. Written by a young ER doc in Toronto (Vincent Lam) and it won the big writing prize here. A fantastic book of short stories about med students. It's a quick read - you'll really enjoy it.