Feb 3, 2007

Playing with...

the idea of shorter posts... (what did you think I was going to say?) in the interest, naturally, of being responsible, studying excessively, and getting in as much diving and beach time as humanly possible.

Naturally, the second something even slightly pisses me off, this policy will go out the window and you all will be treated to a dissertation length blog entry and I do thank you kindly for the hits!

Today I finally got to meet with my advisor/sometimes histo prof (they switch around, sadly, since new guy isn't half as good), Dr. Paparo, and Saora is quite right; he does appear to give a damn. Lovely breakfast at the university club followed by entertaining conversation which included his statement that he was trying to force the administration to put in a running path around the school so that we're a bit *less* likely to get hit by a bus (and a guy in Lance aux Epine apparently got mowed down by a jeep that didn't stop and now sports a broken arm; poor dude) and have a safe place to run. He also gave us a bunch of tips on safety in Grenada, which largely revolves around common sense, as well as a few places to NOT be (for the girls, though probably the guys as well, Fish and Chick seems to top the list).

He even drove us back to True Blue so we wouldn't have to wait for the bus. Cool guy. I think he finally takes back over the histo lectures this week which means it'll be easier to stay awake.

Apparently the rainy season has started early in Grenada, though I'm currently observing it from a choice vantage point in my dorm's study lab rather than swimming, er, walking through it grasping my books for dear life as I had the distinct pleasure of doing last night.

So I have little to report because I've pretty much been either sleeping or studying all day. Wanna know about basophilic white blood cells? They have a darkly staining nuuuuucllleeeuuuus? No? Ah well.

To those planning on attending, currently attending, or whatever though, I again have to say for biochem READ LIPPENCOTT. Read it like a novel, a Bible, a tome of information that will ride you through the bitter storm. Words cannot describe how much I love this book. It may top Stranger in a Strange Land for "favorite" because I'm slowly, but surely, seeing the light.

If only they'd had a Lippencott ORGANIC chemistry, hell, I might be in an American medical school right now... though come to think of it, with the view I have from this window, that's all right with me.

I'm in a state of being slightly behind in embryo in not having studied it, though I fully comprehend what is going on, just perhaps not at a testable level. Anatomy's going to need a bit of catch up, but so far I feel like I'm managing my time all right.

Unfortunately, this is the second week of medical school, and I am well aware that the pace will gradually increase until Unifieds, at which point, someone will fire off a starter pistol, and we'll all wish we were dead.

But in the meantime, I get to dive tomorrow morning, culminating in yet another fascinating day of exploring the human body at all levels, most specifically the one accessed by clicking through lecture slides on my laptop. Am I boring yet? Yes? All righty then. Come to think of it... this isn't all that short. Curses! Damn my technical writing/Annexcafe-induced typing speed!


Saora1 said...

Sadly, I expected this day to come. Well not shorter posts so much as less frequent updates.

Hopefully you stick with the idea as well as I've been sticking with my plan to not spend so much time on VMD and online in general while studying for my boards.

Fish and Chick area isn't the best. Well, unless maybe you want some drugs from the guys that are always loafing around there by the booth thingy. Actually, it's fine in the day but I don't recommend frequenting it at night. Guy I know got robbed there once. Wonder why he was there alone at night though... lol

Did I mention that Dr. P was (is??) my advisor too? Heh, we have that in common if not your love of Jager. heh

Oh, and many people tend to fall behind in one class or the other. It's almost inevitable unless you're one of the few super-brains in the school. I personally hate those people. My advice is to keep up with current material instead of playing catch-up with what you've missed. One way or the other you're going to be catching up with something at the end before exams so do it with the stuff you're behind in now instead of catching up with it and then doing that with everything else from this point on.

Also, don't focus all your energy into one class - be it the one you like the most or are having the most trouble with. That seems to be the number one way people end up failing stuff here e.g. Path = 14 credits and Micro = 6 so many people try so hard to get an A in Path that they neglect Micro and end up failing the class.

I'd rather a B and a C than an A and an F. How bout you? :p

Anonymous said...

Ok...I can't take it anymore! It's lippIncott!!!!! Ahhhhh...I feel much better! Carry on...

Ishie said...

All right; all right! Mi bad... I'll go back and edit those later.

Next you'll be telling me it's Rohen's rather than Rohan's for the supplemental anatomy atlas, as I've been spelling it...