Feb 6, 2007

What I learned in Clinical Skills...

During medical informatics, during the "learn how to use a search engine" segment, make sure you come early enough to sit in the back so that you can blog instead of actually having to pay attention in class, as led by professor Severus Snape.

Oh good, we're learning how to use the member's center of SGU... that thing that if you didn't know how to use it, you wouldn't have known to be at this session anyway.

Hmm... I suppose I'll study anatomy.


Okay, the class is a *total* waste of time; I'm not going to sugarcoat that, but the guy leading it turned out to be nicer than I had original anticipated from the Dean's convocation and the beginning of class, so I'll issue a partial retraction of the "Snape" crack, but only partial.

Now, I'm ditching the second part of the "Electron Transport Chain" as taught by Dr. Oh-screw-it;-I'll-just-learn-from-the-lecture-slides-because-you-are-extremely -confusing" and am about to head back in time for the lecture on glycolysis by Dr. Cranky-misanthrope-who-is-also-a-good-lecturer.

I think the latter went to EVIL medical school (punctuated by me using my extensor digiti mini-me to put my pinky against the corner of my mouth).

And speaking of anatomy, we have a new lecturer whose name I've forgotten who is extremely awesome. So I guess there are benefits to changing stuff up once in a while, but I do wish they'd ditch the biochem guy so I'd stop having to teach myself!

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