Dec 24, 2006

Up to my ass in vampires...

If you're a fan (or a former one) of the Anita Blake books, you know that St. Louis is not only crawling with vampires, but the resident vampires slayer is too busy humping her way through the monster population to bother slaying any of them, thus I felt lucky to escape with my life.

You see, the vampires lure in unsuspecting tourists with the promise of a riverboat casino. They slaughter said unsuspecting tourists, leaving their cars in the parking lot, and bus in the next load. Fortunately, since state law dictates they can only murder people over the age of 21, I cleverly left my ID in the car, thus they didn't allow me in the door of their stupid trap, so I went and made my OWN fun by taking pictures off the bridge over the Mississippi.

What casino checks ids at the door anyway? In Reno, as long as you're out of diapers (or back in them), they'll serve you a highball no worries. But it's my own fault for not being willing to walk my lazy butt back to the car for the sake of losing my remaining 6 dollars worth of cash, and I am SO not entering the credit card cash advance territory of compulsive gambling.

And then there's those darn vamps, so I took this picture, as the sun was setting, fully intent on leaving town before they left their stony crypts:

Incidentally, New Orleans also has abundant vampires, but thanks to Anne Rice, all they do is whine about their unfortunate lot in unlife. They're a lot like teenage girls.

I wanted to see the arch and I got to! Hooray. Battery life on the puter is about to cut out at any second though.

Made it to Morehead, KY, requisite sexually explicit jokes can be implied due to my lack of time and space. So... good progress!!! More updates later when I'm not under the gun!

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can you guess? said...

hehe! you didn't ride up in the arch? i used to work right there, on 4th, at Trader Vics. also across the road, at the Missouri Athletic Club. that was almost 30 years ago... WOW!
anyway, i'm glad you're enjoying yourself before you have to 'buckle down'