Mar 6, 2007

One down...

Predictable title, ain't it?

To continue the trend of absolute yawning predictability, two midterms to go! Unfortunately, said two get progressively more difficult for me, with histology reminding me of the hazards of focusing all your study efforts elsewhere, and biochemistry reminding me of the hazards of ever daring to dream of becoming a doctor. Acetyl CoA Carboxylase anyone? Know it; love it; memorize 17,000 more of its enzymatic buddies.

But some of you may be wondering about the anatomy midterm. A practical this morning, in which we were subdivided into groups (350 people don't slide nicely into a gross lab, as you can imagine), and had to identify structures without any secondary type questions (essentially, arrow points at something, you say "it's that").

Not too bad. The questions were fair, with jaywalk from ValueMD (know it; love it) providing some damn good tips.

Then came the inevitable down period (after being sequestered outside the upstairs of the anatomy building until all the people from the following group were inside) in which everyone desperately tried to cram straggling bits of information into his/her brain.

Except, of course, for a select group that had already started drinking, presumably to study the anastomoses in their livers. I'm saving my cirrhosis for Friday night.

The written part of the test was pretty frigging hard with not just secondary questions but quantiary and googleplex type questions. If you don't know one link in the chain (winging scapula caused by paralysis of serratus anterior which is innervated by the long thoracic nerve which comes off the five roots of the brachial plexus), you're screwed.

Also fun are those questions where you cover up the answers, read the question, feel confidant in an answer, lift your hand to reveal the choices, and your answer isn't there. Never a good feeling.

But I passed I passed I passed! Even got a high pass, meaning that sinking horrible feeling I got around question 80, when I was essentially doing the Macarena to try and situate my body planes correctly and spent seven minutes drawing vertebral bodies in an effort to figure things out, was misplaced. And freaking WHEW for that.

So back to histo. Manlocks is bored right now, because I'm reviewing intercellular structures, which doesn't give him a whole lot to do, so he's sitting on a centriole (the microtubules massage his butt, like a barcalounger), periodically grabbing passing organelles out of the cytosol and licking them to see if they'll get him high. Some mixed results with a Golgi vesicle but otherwise, no dice. Poor poor lazy hallucinogen-addicted Manlocks.

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