Mar 31, 2007

Dweeb Fight!!!

Nina knows Star Trek trivia (DWEEB!!!) and I have a Renaissance Faire costume that I have worn, to you guessed it, Renaissance Faires. (DWEEB!!!)

So we called it a draw and dragged David along to Kwality to get Indian Food where we ran into Randy, having biochem discussions outside Mocha Jumby's (DWEEB!!!).

I will pretty much eat anything, thus the chicken rotis at Sugar Shack (on lower campus) taste perfectly fine to me, but they pale in comparison to Kwality, and the owners are really nice. Actually, the folks at Sugar Shack have been pretty nice to me as well; I think it's just Glover's that breeds evil. 45 minutes for cheese fries AND you're gonna be surly about it and act like requesting the salt shaker is akin to requesting a kidney? Feh. It's a good thing they're so artery clogging good.

What reinforced my dweebiness though was that I went back to the dorm ostensibly to study, which in medical school is an acceptable form of dweeb, though granted, doing so on a Friday night makes it worse, but I figured I would amend that by going to the Pirates of the Caribbean party tomorrow, but I didn't study...

What did I do instead? My taxes. Oh dear; that's not even medical student dweeby, and what's worse, is that I felt GUILTY for doing them this late (despite only just now finally getting my W-2s) because for the past two years, I've done them in January.

Yeah, just call me Ned Flanders.

To be fair to myself, spending an hour and half (I had three jobs and two student loans last year) processing forms DID ensure a tidy little bonus that will be sent to me within a few weeks, thus ensuring that in that WEEK I'm stuck post finals due to not being able to secure a reasonable flight, my butt will be in Barbados, babies! Or somewhere else. Thank you, IRS, and thank you January 2006 Ishie, since you KNEW this day would come, and you wisely listed yourself as a dependent to secure a fat tidy refund.

And to those who say that's just giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan, not true... I am paying Uncle Sam to keep my grubby mitts off my money until I actually need it, rather than having already frittered it away on a nicer suitcase or more clothes. I may look scruffy and have Walmart luggage, but if it means a trip to Barbados, I'll scruff away, dammit.

Hooray for e-filing by the way.

This is a proud day for me, because as a little foal, with the help of TaxAct holding my hand, I have finally learned to walk. Back when I was a sullen teenager, I was regularly panicked about not knowing how to be an adult. I couldn't cook very well; I didn't know the first thing about filing taxes, or how to get an apartment or a car or a credit card, or anything with financed, and figured I would fail adulthood and end up marrying an accountant thirty years my senior just to be a grown-up for me.

Filed my taxes on my own. Last year, it was a friend/coworker of mine who'd taken an accounting class and had tax experience and he walked me through the process, and before that, it was forking over a chunk of my return to H&R Block, but they DID let me scratch off a lottery ticket in an attempt to double my refund! That's gotta be worth it, right?

Air conditioner update? Still not fixed. They haven't even tried to drop by, so fortunately I secured an oscillating fan, which is almost as good, if by almost you mean "nowhere nearly as good, but the noise drowns out the sobs".

Housing update? No word. Screw it, I'm getting my own place off campus. Even if I nail housing, if it's at Grand Anse, as MUCH as I'd LOVE to live on the beach, I'm not shelling out five large (over a thousand US a month) to live in a place where the kitchen is outside.... now, if only I knew where to begin finding a place to live! I'm going for a studio or some place I can prowl my own, because though my roommate rocks the house, I am intrinsically territorial and may start marking the walls if forced to cohabitate for the full 2 years. Besides, I'm a carnivore among herbivores, and I need my own fridge to keep my dripping murdered cowparts in unmolested.

Plus, hey, you get to study neuro in the nude. That's a timesaver, right??

So what else is up? Okay, I'll level with you guys since I know you all so well, my picture's up, and someday this blog will cost me a competitive residency because I'm such a smarmy, sarcastic pain in the ass and everyone will know it...

But I've been having some problems with high/lows as almost every medical student does, which, as I believe I've mentioned before, is related to the fact that I have the sleeping patterns of a speedballer. It's sad. I also had the anxiety sleep disorder problem that screwed me at midterms, and after being harassed by a volley of family and friends, I went to the counseling department at SGU.

Why am I telling you this? Well, largely to encourage other jaded cynics such as myself to go if you're feeling problems because it doesn't take much in medical school to snowball on you, and I am the poster child for hating psychology, psychiatry, sharing my FEELINGS (said with sarcasm and an emphasis on making quotation marks with my hands) with strangers, etc, and generally walked into the counseling office with a big ol chip on my shoulder and a desire to be anywhere but there.

But it's not so bad. I am introspective enough to realize my inner sabateur was at work because as the counselor was competently putting me through a relaxation exercise to help relieve the anxiety I've been feeling over my insomnia, which laughably is what keeps me up all the damn time, a HUGE part of my brain was quite literally singing "Hipppiiiiieee new age crap!! Dumb dee dee dumb", which I was finally able to beat into submission by my much much smaller openmindedness telling it to shut the hell up.

So yeah. Not a sign of weakness. And if you say it is, I'll kick your ass. I'm hardcore.

I'm still having problems sleeping, largely due to the fact that I procrastinate on going to sleep because I'm paranoid about not being able to sleep (she said at 1:30 in the morning), but I think the times where I actually am GOING to sleep are going better, though the lack of air conditioning is screwing up the learning curve. I've found that counting backwards from 100 and breathing slowly is working not too badly for me.

So now I've shared. Your turn! Oh, and help me find a bloody apartment on the bus route that has internet!


Mom said...

You may have trouble finding a bus route that has internet.

Anonymous said... may look into the Round Houses. I live there. I have internet and I am sharing it with my neighbours. The places are 700-800$. The main downfall is that it gets bloody hot and running the AC all the time is VERY expensive. If you are interested in finding out more, let me know and I will deop you a line with more details.

Anonymous said...

P.S: I forgot to add that I got used to living with my fan...

Anonymous said...

I did the whole psych-olog-iatr-y thing and had the same reservations. I never did the breathing exercises on my own, but at least I found a way to put faces on the little inner demons that were mucking things up. "Take that, you procrastinating passive aggressive tanar'ri!"