Mar 23, 2007

I'm a Hypocrite...

Partygoers laughing into the night? Destroy them all.

Lone saxophone player wailing away into the solitude of the darkness at 1 in the morning? Awesome.

The moral of the story is that if you're going to be loud in the wee hours, do it with style.

So, I think I'm losing my mind... Not only have I been a bit manic depressive over the last few days in a funk between awesome med school-ness and "Frigging hell what have I gotten myself into-"ness, but after skipping today's sole anatomy lecture to go to the pharmacy, the two embryo lectures that followed were EXCRUCIATING. Gods. I don't know how you can show a hypertrophied clitoris and a bifid penis and have it be more boring than watching flies do the nasty, but somehow...

That part doesn't mark me as crazy. What does? The biochem lecture that followed, much to the dread of all of us who were getting acquainted with the inside of our eyelids during embryo? Freaking awesome. I'm down with DNA sequencing, bitches!

To recap: embryonic development of the genitals complete with the pictures of what can go wrong? Gawdawful.

Biochem? Fascinating.

Yup, it's Rock Fever all right. Gonna have to put her down.

I REALLY want to like our new biochem professor, but I keep hearing horrific rumors that his tests are evil. Wouldst thou break my heart, oh interesting biochem professor? Say it ain't so!

So what's the best cure for Rock Fever that's G-rated? Getting off the Rock! Easter's coming, which means, for me, four days sans classes, and some length of time ditching out and going, hopefully to Margarita Island if accommodations can be secured. What's the allure of lounging inebriated on that island paradise rather than this one? It's not this one, and most importantly, my books won't be anywhere near it.

You see, if I stay in Grenada, that will involve staying in my dorm room with four days to have my books look accusingly at me, and remind me of all the things I *could* be getting done. This is something I find profoundly offensive. If I'm on Margarita, not only will I have new shopping opportunities, a chance to get another stamp on my passport (yes, I'm that much of a geek), and new beaches to explore, but I can't study. Not my fault, babies! Books are at home! Couldn't study if I wanted to! Guess it's time to go back to Senor Frogs!

What if I can't get to Margarita Island? ANYWHERE. Carriacou. Guyana. Trinidad. Frigging Miami. Just get me outta here!

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