Mar 26, 2007

The horror...

Let's start with yesterday. Then we'll get to... the horror.

I went diving!! Hooray!!! Not one, but TWO new wrecks--the Rhum Runner, making the one we partied on the Rhum Runner II, though there's already a Rhum Runner and a Rhum Runner II that are not underwater, which makes it seem like the parallel Rhum Runner on the surface is living on borrowed time while it's murdered counterpart sits 100 feet beneath the waves.

At 105' no less, so hooray! Deepest dive! By four whole feet! I'll be doing the Bianca C in no time... and then??? The Andrea Doria! No, just kidding on that last one. That's hard core. And in New Jersey.

Anyhoo... second wreck was the Quarter Wreck, which is awesome, so here... random dive pictures since my lazy butt finally brought my camera along:

First off... had to find a dive buddy. Fortunately, the dive shop had supplied one, courtesy of him either being let off his leash or chewing through it from his normal station mowing the lawns at the police station:

Unfortunately, my dive buddy had to stay on the beach. Not only was he having trouble holding his regulator, but he headbutted the divemaster, which is definitely a no-no. We took off on this beach, so I'll again say "nyah nyah!" to any of you reading this who are buried under a mid-spring snowfall:

So then, to the dive sites!!

Wahoo!!! Fun.

So I get back. I had scheduled tickets for Margarita Island over Easter!!!! On the 13th-15th!!! Fun!!!!

Phone call from Nina... Easter's the previous weekend, moron. Not fun.

Got 11 hours of sleep last night!!! Fun!!!!

Woke up, went to ticket agent, begged, ACTUALLY got tickets changed against all probability with only a 25$ fee AND there were spaces left on the flight! Double fun!!!!

Get back to campus. Lost the housing lottery, gotta live off campus thus ensuring I will NEVER go to lecture or work out. Not fun.

Screw it. Go back to dorm. Batteries not working in air conditioning remote. Not fun. Replace batteries.

Now... the HORROR part... air conditioning broken. Oh shit no... holy shit, no!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No no... you don't understand. My happiness is largely consistent on how much sleep I get. HOW MUCH SLEEP I GET IS DIRECTLY REGULATED BY WHAT TEMPERATURE MY ROOM IS. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

How long will it take to have this fixed? Oh, who freaking knows? Better be soon.. better be soon... and there is NO breeze today. My roommate is from Tobago and grew up without air conditioning... she came in... it's bloody hot! For people FROM the islands it's bloody hot!

I wonder how long I can sleep in the upstairs study lounge before I get kicked out. It's miserable to even STUDY or work in here, and sleep? Oh, let there be a breeze tonight... or let the hardware store stay open long enough tomorrow to let me get a fan and an ice bucket... I think I'm gonna cry!!!!!!


daverichards said...

Hey just loved the pictures...they surely are amazing...and well Easter is certainly round the corner to share some of the fun and spirit just visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Underwater Pictures - What camera rig do you have???? Wish I was there on the dive - love to dive...