Mar 15, 2007


Okay, this game is so ridiculously fun that you should be able to get a venereal disease from it.

Now that the hell of midterms is over and I have the relative attention span of a gnat for studying, that meant I could finally brave the ankle (though it keeps randomly swelling up but not hurting) with a wrap on it, get my butt out on the field under the glow of that bright shiny ball in the sky I vaguely remember from college, and learn to play RUGBY!!!

To concerned readers, this is not the femur-snapping, tooth-breaking, life-ending form of rugby some of you might know, because I'm a girly girl (sort of) and fear such things, but rather, this is co-ed "wrap" rugby in which we 'hug' each other to tackle, which provides just enough contact when two people are running full speed at each other to be *fun* without being *deadly*.

This sounds wildly touchy feely, and to seasoned rugby players, I'm sure it is, but you can actually get some pretty good hits in with wrap rugby, though I've discovered that half-riding a player piggyback may be excessive force.

To clarify, before today, I have never played rugby in my life, have no idea what is called what (though a "touchdown" seems to be a "tri"?), and am still sketchy on a bunch of the rules, but it's pretty cool.

And all of this is Sej's doing, so I give much thanks to her. Randy too, since both he and Sej are Rugby Witnesses, and go door to door passing out rugby tracts and asking American football players (which I am not) if they'd be interested in converting to rugby.

I've been wanting to participate in organized sports, but while I like soccer, they are insane about it here, and I'm bad at it; same true of basketball (though they're less insane about it), and as for cricket... well, I couldn't figure out the first week of school why all the little boys off campus in school uniforms were carrying fraternity paddles around, so I think that speaks for itself.

And after all that, I managed to keep my elliptical appointment, do a good half hour workout, come back to the dorm, finish off my laundry, and do a jam guitar session with my roommate. I may flunk out of med school, but I'll be fit, clean, and have mad music skills!!!!!

Sandblast Saturday!!!!

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

I'm worn out just reading this post! Whooaoh Nellie you are an active person. When do you find time to do the blogger??

Get an A, that's my advice :-)

Speedcat Hollydale