Mar 8, 2007



One latest episode of House, MD, reported to be entirely kickass, missed by starving medical student due to being uncharacteristically responsible and studying through it.

WWWAAAAAAAAHHHH... I want my Hugh Laurie!

And Aunt Pam, if you're reading this, I concede to you that it is an awesome show and I do thank you entirely for hooking me on it, so that now I'm having withdrawal pains from it!


Anonymous said...

Pirate Bay is your friend:
House Season 3, Episode 15

Saora1 said...

Ishie is computer illiterate from what I recall so setting up torrents may be out of her reach. Maybe I'm wrong though.

As well, SGU does a pretty good job of blocking P2P traffic although I'm sure some people have figured out a way around it. I don't live on campus so I've never bothered to try and see if I can it to work. There's probably a way though. Just need to find an open port.

slappy said...

eh, i hate saying this but i thought the writing on this week's ep was subpar. could be that i just hate dave matthews. . . no that wasn't it. anyway, keep plugging away!! i really enjoy reading your blog.