Mar 3, 2007


First of all, what is up with ADVERTISING inexplicable midnight BBQ for the first time, and then for the first time, not having it?? I've been craving ribs for a week, as were the other dorm-incarcerated that were wandering out into the night, blinking at the odd scenery.

Second of all, during my described expedition to Spiceland Mall, among my other groceries I grabbed some microwave pizzas despite their being hellishly expensive because I figured "It's midterms; what the hell".

The problem with eating healthy foods (voluntarily or not) and working out and all that, is when you indulge yourself in crap food, you end up feeling like hell. Gurgle glop from my stomach and I feel overstuffed and bloated just from one half sized two to a carton pizza, despite being able to down a giant bowl of my leftovers salad.

Since I haven't had American fast food since I got to the island (haven't gotten to the KFC or the Subway since I got here, and those are the ONLY two fast food chains (American, at least) on the island), if I indulge in McDonalds when I get back, it'll probably kill me. Sigh.

Did you know there's no glycerol kinase in adipocytes? I didn't. Now I know. Only five million other little factoids to memorize for biochem to have a remote chance of passing.


Saora1 said...

You're not alone. My body's so used to healthy food that any time I eat something greasy, my stomach tends to rebel.

Too bad you guys are all crammed inside studying. There was a food/craft festival today for GRENSAVE at the Trade Centre just past the mall. It's an annual thing they do for charity with different groups coming together to sell crafts and their indigenous foods e.g. Cuban, Chinese, Syrian/Lebanese, etc.

My mom, when she got home from working the joint, commented that she barely saw any students there (cause they usually show up) so I had to explain that it's exam week for 1st and 2nd term. Oh well, maybe next year.

Good luck with your exams this week. I freaked a little and pushed my exam back a couple days so I have more time to do a couple hundred extra practice Qs. Maybe I shouldn't have spent so much time on VMD huh? Hmmn...

Anyway, keep on blogging. The laughs are great. :)

PS We used to have Pizza Hut here (was attached to the KFC) but it didn't make it. Caribbean people like chicken more than pizza. McDonald's didn't make it in Trinidad either, which is weird cause that island is so developed and rich and has a large population (1.5 million) compared with here. However, I highly recommend Rick's Pizza at the Food Fair complex. Some people don't like it cause the sauce has a sweet taste, but I really do and I know a lot of other people do as well.

Ishie said...

Ohhhh, I'm sorry I missed that!! I didn't even know about it, but it sounds like the sort of thing I love.

Shame about Pizza Hut, though like KFC, I'm not sure if I even would have gotten there, but it was my favorite pizza due to its liberal amounts of dripping oozing grease. Yummy.

I actually don't miss fast food though. It's one of those things that's nice when you have it and then when you don't have it, you're all "Why do I suddenly feel so good?"

Good luck on YOUR exams, man!!

And I'll definitely keep blogging. Minus a television, what else can I do to procrastinate?