Mar 4, 2007


What to do when one has spent one of one's weekend days studying for THIRTEEN HOURS?

Why, get up the next day, rinse, and repeat!

On the plus side, fatty acid, complex lipid, and cholesterol synthesis are now all my homeboys and homegirls. Just don't ask about the ketone bodies.

Midnight BBQ was transferred to last night which meant I got my ribs! Unfortunately, they also apologized on Angel for not being there on Friday due to a sudden illness...

So you're mind is probably going where mine is. But I gots to have my ribs. Meat is few and far between for me, particularly meat that isn't in roti form, not that I'm complaining about rotis.

My roommate will complain readily about rotis though. I'm making her promise to take me to Trinidad for a REAL roti, if she hasn't hanged herself due to her computer woes. Goodness, that girl is hard to significantly piss off. Cataclysmic computer failure in the last days before midterms would have had me in full throwing things temper tantrum mode, and instead she sighed and was 'depressed'. I'd say she'd eventually be the quiet type that snaps and takes out a McDonalds, but there isn't a McDonalds here, so I just have to resign myself to the fact that she has infinitely more self control than I do.

We have reserved our hanging date to the week before finals. See, I was thinking of hanging myself and she was definitely thinking of it, but we both really want to go to Sandblast (giant drunken beach blast to celebrate the end of midterms) and then her boyfriend's coming over Easter when I'm going on vacation, so if I die, I miss island hopping, and if she dies, it's not real fair to her boyfriend, so we're pushing back the date. It'll be a fun "together" activity before finals.

Oh! And there was a lunar eclipse last night! I'm so out of touch with the news that I didn't know, but I came out from a shower and found my roommate pressing her face against the window to see so we watched. Neat!

I'm going diving this weekend!! I'm going diving this weekend!!!! My good friend Lori is doing her refresher then too, which means I get dives AND a dive buddy who is less likely to ditch me than boat-match Insta-Buddies, which kicks much ass.

Well, histo and I have a date. First midterm (anatomy) is tomorrow. C'est la vie...

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