Nov 3, 2007

Beats a treadmill...

So what do you do when you have Rock Fever and about half the people in your class seem to wanna kill themselves?

When you're tap water looks, well, like this:

When you feel the way you hate; when you hate the way you feel (anyone remember that Bush song or am I the only former Gavin Rossdale screaming fangirl?)?

I go for walks. Right at sunset. If I'm feeling particularly down (or productive, pick one), I jog. Because jogging at dusk never caused anything bad to happen to anyone ever. It gets me to reset; it boosts my mental health; it floods my body with endorphins; I actually get to listen to my more headbangy music, and I make my ankle swell up so I can go "ooh, peripheral edema".

But basically, it's hard to stay depressed when this is the scenery during one route of one walk that took nearly exactly one hour:

Pretty, eh? And definitely soothing But you have to wait for the other pictures, also taken around the same time, because blogger is being a buttmunch. Which kind of screws my mojo, so time to come up with a method to figure out what on earth is going on with immuno. At this stage, I'm torn between Ouija and reading tea leaves, since either is a better option than going to the "oops, taught them out of order but not going to really remedy that" lectures.


Anonymous said...

Water looks like it comes from Folsom Prison.

Too bad its not in a tin cup.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's Greedy Fly, though I wasn't much of a Gavin Rossdale fangirl :P. Still, good song. Now I have to go listen to it.

- Patrick