Nov 4, 2007

The Sonic Foundry Effect

From the time most of us are in elementary school, we have noticed characteristic tics or expressions in our teachers, and this carries onto high school, college, and medical school.

This also, since our childhoods, has allowed us to relentlessly make fun of and imitate our instructors in a relatively mindless way. Not quite as mindless as taking easily-molded last names and screwing with them "Yeah, Mr. MORON!", but still pretty easy marks.

But with Sonic Foundry, one of our physio professors (whom I really really want to like because he's charismatic and tells jokes, yet really really want to hate due to the atrocious things the physio exam did to my brain) decided to pass time by watching himself and then headed his next lecture by making fun of his own catchphrase, and swearing off it with clever jokes.

Well now, that just takes all the fun out of it, right? So he's trying to reduce the number of times he says "Okay?", which he perceives (and from the laughter in the class, many seem to agree) as annoying, though it's never particularly bothered me, and quite to the contrary, allows me to imitate him while differentiating between my version of his voice and that of the Croc Hunter, because my imitation Oz accent only sucks slightly more than my imitation Trini one (which inexplicably sounds Scottish). I'm bad at accents. But I'll never stop trying.

Yes, that's right: Sonic Foundry: Enabling professors to remove lecture tics since 2007. Also enabling me to discover all of this at 3 in the morning, rather than when the lecture was actually given.

In other news, new X-Files movie! (former fangirl squeal) Though I'm hoping they forego the inevitable disappointment of a plot and just have the two main characters make out for two hours. Don't ask.

In other other news... jogging at dusk, fun. Jogging after full dark, not so fun. Dark, scary, and break-ankle-y.

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