Nov 23, 2007

I'm learning things!

The study of immunology is quite fascinating, and I've found out that I'm actually learning many things, such as:

1. Donkeys like eating tamarind (and fingers)
2. A circular saw outside makes an annoying alarm clock
3. Don't split on a pair of 10s
4. The warning symptoms for an impending psychotic episode are exactly the same as those exhibited by most students the week before exams
5. Given enough time, you will end up dressed from hat to sandals in SGU gear because you're too lazy to shop anywhere but the bookstore and your clothes fell apart in the Caribbean climate
6. Procrastination is an art form

And tonight's "facts", brought to you by the people of Old El Paso tortillas, who think the world's population is too dumb to dress itself in its freshly acquired schoolgear:

7. Chicken should not be cooked rare
8. Tortillas must be taken OUT OF THE PACKAGE before they are microwaved
9. How to fold a burrito, thanks to the diagrammatic instructions in back, for those of us who have never eaten one, never seen one made, and have never been to Taco Bell, but want to be as culturally accurate as possible while we're eating our pre-packaged, pre-made, microwaved Old El Paso tortillas.

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