Nov 5, 2007


My life has been stripped of all meaning.

Just say you won't take out House or Scrubs. PLEASE!!!!

Combine this with the gained knowledge that the immunology midterm will be cumulative, and you MAY see my lifeless body hanging from the nearest palm tree.


n_jagra said...

Hi Ishie,

Its mcsarpanch from vmd.

I love your blog its got so much good info amongst the comedy, in particular the link to red dwarf 1st episode where he takes the exam, and u watch eddie izzard haha you know so much british stuff.

Good luck with immuno! Maybe House will be back on after that, lets hope!

n_jagra said...
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Ishie said...

Hey thanks!! Good to see you here!

n_jagra said...

Yeah, I'm thinking I'll just progressively read the information from the start from your blog rather than the big pack that just arrived from the university today lol

BTW my name's Nav

Ishie said...

Hi Nav! And thanks! Just skip that drowning negative section at the beginning of term two where I hated everyone and everything. I was going through a thing. ;)

I had to include the Rimmer taking the test thing (I love Red Dwarf probably more than I should) because he looks so young and promising! Unfortunately, he failed his astronavigation exam and grew up to be Lara Croft's butler. Tough blow.

n_jagra said...

Yeah all I remember was smeg... came before grey's Mcdreamy etc. Red dwarf was smegtastic?? (lol I've forgotten all the smeg words the guy played by craig charles used to say)

Have u came across blackadder, the fast show, little britain, catherine tate yet? These all came from the same channel as Red dwarf, some are quite good. I'm trying to expand your knowledge of british TV culture lol

Ishie said...

Oh, I know seventy thousand varieties of the word "smeg", including Kryten's variant "Smeeeeeeegheeeead".

Ah, no Grey's for me. I watch House, which I think MAD TV described as "a show written by men for women who like abusive men".

My good amiga Slappy has introduced me to British fineries such as Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, and the one with the chick trying to pretend to be high up on the social ladder (Mrs. Bucket?) and I have a passing familiarity with Dr. Who, but no Little Britain or Catherine Tate.

Do I get British brownie points for being addicted to PG Tips and Cadbury candy?

n_jagra said...

You would have got points if you said cadbury chocolate/sweets, not Candy! lol

I think GND is going to have to import a lot more PG tips when I get there, but u guys never get fresh milk which sucks.

Mrs Bucket is in keeping up appearances, yeah funny and a classic but I've grown out of it.

Yah Greys is a bit funny, I'm a guy so I dont openly admit I watch it (dang..I have now) but I'm addicted to it, don't know what I learn from it - I did learn how to use a defibrillator on a deer though!

I'm working on my american stuff at the moment, not exercising, drinking lots of milkshakes and a diet of fast food...I kid I kid lol I do sleep obscure hours though, I'm on EST in the UK lol