Oct 30, 2007

A fun neuro group?

For a time in small group, we've been doing neuroanatomy, which essentially means we get to go over structures in the brain and thumb through a badly arranged atlas to identify things. Snore.

Now, we get to move onto testing each other for stuff and playing with the "My First Doctor" kits. Incidentally, this week, I get an "A+" in eyes. My pupillary reflex rules! Stay tuned for next week when I fail auditory though. Curse my ipod and it's unreasonable loudness!

Getting to test each other for stuff is all kinds of fun. I'm also in the smartass group (awesome), which prompts things like:

Student doctor to tutor: "Do you want me to turn the lights off for this?"
Student patient: "Why? What are you going to do to me?"

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