Nov 13, 2007

My birthday present...

Is having to attend a neuro small group today! Wahoo! Now, if they want to give me a really *good* birthday present, they'll make attending that small group worth like 100 points that they give me for being so goshdarned awesome that I don't have to prove I know anything.

Come to think of it, could that be my present for physio too? Or instead, really. I'll study neuro, like double time, so I get the hot neurologist knowledge, if it means no physio.

I'll even take immuno, really. Granted, it's only 2 units, but it's 2 of the worst units.

I turn/ed 27 today, which somehow makes me feel closer to 30 (by the slight remainder of my ability to do math), yet 30 feels hideously far away because it'll mark the end of medical school, which feels nothing like close.

In celebration of my 27th birthday, not only am I doing an Aquarium party Tuesday night and diving the Bianca C on Wednesday morning (which couldn't possibly produce ill effects), but I have my first wrinkle! Wahoo! It's in a really awesome place too. There is now a little line across my forehead in my fairly token "What the hell?" expression, which I apparently have made more throughout my life than I was aware of, but it's a badge.

It's also notable that my face has remained relatively unlined until setting foot in a medical school. I'm betting on liver spots, chronic hypertension, and an aortic aneurysm by May.


noname said...

Happy Birthday, Ishie!

Mom said...

You'll always be my baby. (How trite is that for a comment?)
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic time. Dive safely.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I know it's late, but Happy Birthday. :)

- Patrick