Nov 7, 2007

The most awkward conversation ever...

Was probably on House tonight... to paraphrase:

"So, remember that time you tried to attempted-murder me by stabbing me with an infected needle?"

"Oh, you're going to bring THAT up?"

What, you thought this post was going to be about medical school? No way. The hypothalamus is boring. Really really really mondo important, and yet. BORING.

But does this episode and the newness of next week's episode (of House) mean no writer's strike on Fox? Will Scrubs be spared as well? Because if I don't get my share of cranky, dysfunctional, drug-addicted tv doctors, I go mad, uh... madder.


CresceNet said...
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Ishie said...

Oohhhhh, got your spamming ass in under 15 minutes! bwa ha ha ha ha.