Nov 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

It was pointed out to me that it has been a year (and a day) since I started this blog. I'd like to just take a second to reflect on the number of typos, grammatical errors, and stress outs over that time period. Ahhh, memories.

How innocent I was back then... well, sort of. How I went to Spiceland mall with a look of majestic wonder rather than the "Hey, delayed committing hari kari another day" blank expression. How I marveled at the goats being used as lawnmowers rather than contemplating smuggling one past customs because it'll save me time and money.

It also reminds me that in a little over a year, I'll be done with basic sciences and be ready to move back to cooler climates for a while, though if I do some rotations in England, I will still technically be on an island where they drive on the other side of the road. Does England have reggae buses? Does New York?

So it's back to studying for me, but I wanted to update with yet another arbitrary milestone.

1 comment:

n_jagra said...

Hey Ishie,

Great Blog, just finished reading it whilst making a list of what I need.

Plus u have began the 'red dwarf renaissance' for me lol (I used to watch it 6yrs ago), I can't believe I forgot about the Cat - How cool is he?

Well done and keep it up!