Nov 26, 2007

And End to Immuno?

Could it be?

Why yes!!!! In under 12 hours, this alphabet soup nightmare will presumably be over! All I have to do is pass, which I think I'm in a good set to do right now, though time will tell. I've been doing questions ALL day. Seriously... ALLLL Day. And I feel like my head is full, but sleep helps cement things. Right? Didn't we do something like that in neuro? No? Bueller?

And what kind of night of enjoyment do I have to look forward to in the aftermath of what I SO hope will be a victory? I have my SOAP notes for physio due Tuesday. So Monday night I get to... diagnoses a fake patient and write up a report on it using diagnostic skills I haven't learned yet because I've been ignoring physio for a week and a half to study immuno. D'oh! It's like a party... without the alcohol, friends, beach or fun.

But for now, I'm focused on the end being nigh. Oh let it be nigh... Summer with biochem was bad enough, but Christmas with immuno is a whole other kind of horror story.

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