Oct 3, 2007

Recycling is fun...

You Know Midterms are Coming When

Hey, give me a break, it was House night!! Which incidentally, did not mean studying Dr. House's neuro lectures (which it probably SHOULD have), but meaning there was yet ANOTHER shoutout to parasit on this show (alveolar hydatid disease, though not the correct diagnosis) and of course, the standard "neoplastic syndrome" (not parasit) that is the show's third favorite not-right disease after lupus and MS.

Speaking of House (the show), can we have a "Very Special Episode" in which they spend the entire episode with Cameron getting a fatal disease and dropping dead? Gods I hate her.

In Reality-Land, it's sleepover night. L'il Grr STILL has an propane leak in her apartment (allegedly fixed a few days ago, yet clearly not), and is sleeping on my futon (so I'm trying to type quietly) due to some inexplicable aversion to dying in a fiery explosive blaze.

And yes, parents, my propane tank and stove are functioning perfectly well, her apartment is in a separate building, and when the stuff leaks, good god, you can smell it, so there is no 'hidden propane leak' in here. I can read your minds!

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