Oct 23, 2007

Med school before the internet?

There's no way! At first, I was jealous of the long-ago docs because they got to become doctors before half the biochem and immuno stuff was discovered, which is so wonderful.

Nothing makes you hate scientific discovery quite like medical school, and nothing is sweeter to the ears than "And A becomes B, but no one is sure of the mechanism". Versus "A becomes B, and thanks to research done two years ago, we now know the seventeen page esoteric, difficult to conceptualize process by which it happens. This WILL be on the test." Damn! Is it wrong to beat someone with their own Nobel Prize?

Which is all the more impetus to get into school as soon as you can... before they discover anything else!

But to continue my first thought, I am no longer envious of the ago-docs because WE HAVE INTERNET. I have come to the realization that it is impossible to pass medical school without the internet, particularly if you're as lazy as I am and have no intention of bussing it down the the library to page through reference books to find something that's confusing you.

Nope, instead, while watching a neuro lecture on Sonic Foundry, in the air conditioned comfort of my apartment, I realized I didn't quite get what the instructor was saying about testing clonus... so it was onto Wikipedia. Hmm.. kind of hard to visualize that test. Oh wait, Wiki has a link to a video SHOWING it being done. Huzzah.

So I suppose I can trade all the obnoxious discoveries (like in immuno, any fragment of anything containing the letter "w", meaning "workshop", meaning "discovered in the last five minutes and will change names by the end of the week) for my sweet sweet internet.

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Nina said...

"nothing is sweeter to the ears than "And A becomes B, but no one is sure of the mechanism"."

Amen to that!