Oct 11, 2007

The lunch special

is knowing every detail of this diagram upways, downways, frontways, and sideways.

On the plus side, once I do, with the exception of calculating the mean electrical axis of the heart, I am ONE with the heart, because this diagram pretty much involves nearly everything there is to know about it, with the caveat that you have to be able to conceptually understand every dip and valley.

Yesterday, after missing my immuno lecture because I couldn't get my dumb ass to bed on time, I buckled in with the 6th lecture of gastrointestinal goodness, a dabbling in the retina in neuro, and then decided it would be good for my brain to inhale the first half of our first set of Cardiovascular notes. 52 pages later, it was time for bed. I did break to go for my evening walk, allowing me to discover that two of my previous walking trails are conveniently connected without having to stroll by the house of the evil, untethered dog. I hate this frigging mutt. If you don't look him in the eye and scream "I am your alpha bitch!!! NO NO NO BAD DOG GO HOME!", he runs out and tries to nip you in the ankles, and he is not a small dog... and since I love dogs and miss mine, I prefer to avoid him, because if I pound his rabid teeth out with my water bottle, I know it'll inevitably make me feel bad.

So today? Minus the skipping immuno (I went! I swear!), the plan is to rinse and repeat. Is midterms over yet?

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