Oct 10, 2007

It was a dark and stormy night

And boy howdy, is it freaking ever. I'm no safety nut, and I've got my computer unplugged and on wireless and everything because the thunder was cracking so loudly it was literally shaking the apartment.

Of course, being the person that I am, I can only think it's freaking cool (so long as my power, aka, air conditioning, stays on), but it's coming down like it did during Felix, sans the heavy winds.

First off, let me give a big THANK YOU to Slappy for tracking down this picture, illustrative of what humans would look like if we did the same thing to them as we do to fruit flies:

Gentlemen, BEHOLD:

And when Adult Swim tracks me down to break my thumbs, I will also share in that prize.

Today, prior to the inevitable viewing of House (and thus necessary weekly social interaction, which keeps me sane enough that I don't have to start making up invisible friends), I was again enraptured in front of Sonic Foundry, inhaling three physio lectures and a neuro lecture, with another one planned before bed. So I suppose, while being "productive", I think that means that except for going to my immuno lecture, I watched tv all day. Ah, med school.

Midterms midterms... but we're going to ignore them to talk about House.

House points (not House rules, which should be far more important to my current situation, since I'm required to know them for the neuro midterm):

1. Not a big fan of this episode, much as I love NearDeathExperience!House. He's dying more than Mulder lately.

2. The ending violated cardinal television rule number 1, and I am NOT a fan. I'm becoming a people-doctor so I *don't* have to watch furry little critters die. Don't screw my record.

3. Cuddy's been one of my favorite characters since I started watching the show, but she is now so totally ineffective that it starts to stretch reality even for this show, and oh-my-god can we stop with the stripper clothes? It's beyond even tv-revealing embarrassing and right into trailer park hussy.

4. Seriously? Cameron needs to die. There are crazed gunmen, stalker teenagers, girls plummeting off balconies, and thrillchasers with switchblades running all over this hospital; she works in the ER, and not ONE tragedy can befall her short of falling into a vat of peroxide (Yes, I know it's Jennifer Morrison's natural color, I don't care, and it's giving her this weird twincest vibe with Chase)? I'd say kill Foreman too, but since they already assassinated his character at the end of season 2 (interesting intelligent character replaced with Stabby McPaperStealer), he's already dead. Which means he'll probably be seen in the next Very Special Supernatural Episode of House.

5. I am convinced that there is an unseen, uncredited writer working for the show that goes to this school. Not only do the diagnoses tend to follow what we're studying with an inordinate number of shoutouts to parasitology (the only class any of us seem to remember), BUT there's a hiatus in the show smack dab in the middle of midterms to be resumed the week after? C'mon hidden SGU student. Step up and take credit. And kill Cameron. I know you have the power.

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