Oct 17, 2007

Two Down!

Today's Final Jeopardy answer is: "The class you've avoided all term to study physio that is about to bite you on the medulla oblongata."

Hmm... What is Neuroscience, Alex? No... really. Because I need to know by Friday.

Verdict on Physio: OMG, I FREAKING PASSED!!!!!!!!! To repeat myself. Hardest. Exam. Ever.

Today was Immunology, a 100 question test consisting of first order questions I probably should have known more of the answers to. As to why I DIDN'T know a lot of them, it's probably because by the time I got to studying the TWELVE interleukins (creatively named "IL-1" and up, that we needed to know, my head was so full of letters and numbers that they all just spilled out into a jumble on my floor and I was too lazy to pick em up.

So Jay showed me a great video that represents not only the kind of logic you need to understand immuno, but represents pretty much what the inside of my head looks like after two midterms.

My brain kind of rebelled last night, and I think it was after I wrote down the following:

"Classical: C4a & C4b; C2a & C2b; C3a & C3b; (C5a & C5b) to C3conv:C2aC4b and C5conv: C2aC4bC3b"
Alternative: C3a & C3b (tickover); Ba&Bb; (C5a & C5b) to C3conv:C3bBb and C5conv:C3bBbC3b"

Yeah. Wrote that down. From memory. On the front of my summary notes. I still have it. And then I looked at it, and told *myself* to go to hell. Because I've seen more coherence on an eye chart. I could make more sense out of the letters on the scantron sheet. So I tried to concentrate after that, and decided to go over the interleukins "quickly" because I knew they were important and would definitely be on the test, and that pack/cram regurg stuff is usually something that works pretty well for me, but I think I overestimated my ability to do it this time around.

I can't really complain (well... that's not true, but you know), but the exam was pretty fair, I think (just know the disproportionate crap for T cell differentiation and interleukin secretion, but though I wasn't good with it, it didn't come as any major surprise that it was there), and you get flat told the sort of thing that's going to be on it. The questions are all first order and don't require much logic, some are the same ones given as samples in either the summary notes, the text, or in lecture, but do require you to separate letters and numbers that don't really mean anything to you, and I'm not that great at it.

But I do actually think I passed, and it didn't give me the brain aneurysm feeling I had after physio, so it's onto neuro!! And then a 48 hour bender!

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