Oct 7, 2007

You know you're in the Caribbean when...

Your neuroscience professor uses "You burn yourself while lighting your stove" as the example for increased pain sensitivity following an injury.

You also know you're getting closer to midterms when all your blog posts involve direct correlations to what you're studying.

Now that I've discovered a wireless signal, I can curl up on my SOFA watching Sonic Foundry rather than being tethered by my ethernet cable. Ahhh, bliss. So I'm inhaling neuro lectures like popcorn (mmm, popcorn) while periodically using Wiki to track down structures in the brain I should have learned a month ago. And it's *television* (sort of) so it's having that history channel effect where I'm actually retaining stuff from watching it, rather than reading it, highlighting it, painstakingly writing it in my own words, and then forgetting it five seconds later.


Anonymous said...

You know you're in the Caribbean when...you were top stupid to get into an american school!!

Anonymous said...

**too, not top