Oct 28, 2007


Bonsai kitten? (no, to those who apparently haven't been to an myth debunking site in the last decade, the site isn't real)

No, I'm not an albino; I've just been inside studying for midterms.

"Bonsai" is also what you yell when you jump off a thirty foot waterfall. At least, it's what you think, because the only thing you yell is "three!" because it takes counting to three to get your terrified ass to actually jump.

I spent most of today, as promised, jumping off waterfalls or hiking to waterfalls for the purpose of jumping off of them. Since I'm also diving tomorrow as part of my post-midterm, finally got enough sleep to go on a bender- bender, no details until then! Ha!

But I can tell you that I dived off BOTH these waterfalls (and nearly fell off the top, aka, tallest, because I'm an idiot), and four or five of their "sisters" (there are seven sister waterfalls, but I can't remember whether you can dive off six of the seven or all seven:

More Sunday evening!

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