Jan 24, 2007

Testing testing test crash

Knowing my addictions, SGU is toying with me. Let's see how frequently it loses the blog with the frequent server outages.

So, internet's been back off and on all day... and off, except, incidentally, for SGUmail and Angel (our 'guardian' program that gives us access to, you know, unimportant stuff like lecture slides, study materials, room assignments, class assignments, events... stuff like that).

Apparently I was right; SGU IS trying to get us drunk and laid. "Don't study!!! Just surf the internet. You can't access the relevant resources anyway."

I defied them though by, with this 2 am post, finishing approximately 4 hours of off and on biochem hard study. Between the printed lecture notes and the Lippencott book, I'm beating this bitch back! Just don't tell me anything about having, you know, embryo, anatomy, and histology to worry about. It's all biochem. Ask me about oligosaccharides, dammit. well, not in too much detail, but the fact that I know it's not a made up word for Big Bird's best friend is an improvement.

Have I mentioned I'm bad at chemistry? Biochem nothing like Ochem my ass. I know a "carbonyl" group when I see one, which I believe is all I retained from that wretched class. Glycosidic bonds, anyone?

Today marked the *official* beginning of wet lab, which was cool as I knew it would be, because I've done it. On a slight negative, I was going through some material with Jackie Chan (I swear, that's what he tells me to call him!) and TWO, count em, TWO of the TAs were like "you guys are being contraproductive in your studying; you need to study by layer" or some such, and then proceeded to go through muscles, innervations, and arteries like reading a football play. Way to clear it up guys.

The elder docs are a really really good resource though, and I'm sure some of the other TAs I didn't notice. There was one guy in particularly who sported a southern accent whose presentation was ab fab. Kudos. But I do love the smell of prosections in the morning. Unfortunately, skipping breakfast and going to a room filled with a mild appetite increaser (formalin, I believe) always makes me hungry, a fact which ceased to disgust me many many years ago at the lab in Davis.

Post lab, I had.. another lab! My ethics small group discussion, namely.

Hmm... how to not offend. There was much respect shown among the students, who had plenty intelligent views and, I can say, clearly made the best of the situation.

The other perspective is that it seems like a support group for people that don't have any real problems yet. A bunch of well adjusted people talking about their feelings in almost puzzlement at WHY they're talking about their feelings. But smart people; good classmates, and a shared disdain (as I interpreted it) for the aforementioned article about doctors as the "ruling class".

An hour of lunch at the Sugar Shack (mmm rotis), and it was time for three hours of anatomy, which was awesome, but by 4, I was suffering an incoming attack of narcolepsy and fled before ethics lecture, which was a shame because apparently we had a different lecturer that was interesting. D'oh.

On the plus side, this meant I was in my room at 4! Why is that a plus! Because that's when IT came. They do exist!! They fixed the ethernet ports in our room in like... seriously, 5 or 10 minutes. That was it??? Did they flip a switch or something?

After triumphing in the internet to enjoy a spuriously obtained episode of House that I'd missed (maybe I should have gone to that ethics lecture!!), I felt a strong sense of internet-connected peace, also brought about by the knowledge that the horrid Detective Tritter arc is over (House fans, you know what I'm talking about).

Unfortunately, my beloved show was preempted tonight by my-not-so-beloved president gabbering in the State of the Union address, which I suspect amounted to "Heh.. so.. took Congress, did ya folks?.. Whew... didn't see that coming, gotta say... heh... hmm... well, I certainly hope you didn't take those last 6 years personally since I respect you guys.. So... from San Francisco, Nancy? I hear they have a lot of gay people there... No, I'm just saying... that's what I heard. Apparently they can vote and everything.. so... this Iraq thing.. whoopsie, right? But spilt milk and all... Umm... the environment's important, you guys think? I love the environment", which hardly seems as important as Hugh Laurie, who isn't consistantly irritating me by his very presence. Tsk. Nothing left to do but devote my entire life to teaching myself biochem instead. Well, until next Tuesday night at any rate.

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