Jan 28, 2007

Promised Pictures

Okay, to clarify, I'll be posting pictures periodically. These are all pictures that were taken within about twenty minutes of each other, all on campus, all very close by, at the same time of day, thus not the best picture quality, but should give you an idea of what I wake up to EVERY DAY! Bwa ha!

The dreaded black sand beach. Pretty, ain't it???

The view as you walk down "de big hill" from the main drag on campus (where the lecture hall, library, labs, etc, are) down to the main dorms (like mine!)

Windref, aka, the research area. The anatomy labs are down a flight of stairs in the 'basement', but it still has an opening to the outside since it's situated into a hill. This campus is a lot like San Francisco in that everything is situated in the side of a hill.

You could say the school is a "wee" bit close to the airport. Fortunately there aren't that many flights a day. This picture represents the Caribbean's "least on time airline" as it's called.

The top of de big hill. Current students may not recognize it without a bus zooming over the crest of the hill mid way across at ninety miles an hour. Suffice to say I risked my life to take this picture. Riding the buses doesn't scare me. Walking anywhere NEAR them does.

The Chancellery. I'm not sure exactly what these people do, but it's a pretty building, eh?

Bourne Hall. There's important stuff in here, but I haven't had occasion to go in there for much yet. Shrug. My pictures of the main lecture hall are overexposed and will thus have to wait for a later post.

I literally took this picture by leaning out my dorm window. Mwa ha!

I just liked this picture. Heh. This was right off the beach that's just outside my dorm that's pretty from a distance, but really wouldn't consider swimming there. This was initially what I thought was the 'black sand' beach.

This is another picture that was taken directly out of my dorm window. Rough life, ain't it? Since I sleep near the window, when I look outside every morning, this is the view. Poor Ishie.


MaryE said...

Awww geee Ishie, you are really suffering down there huh? LOL....
Great views although that airplane seems a wee bit close LOL....

Dibasic said...

Actually bourne hall is pretty much like bell but with nicer seats. It's where your friendly 3rd termers are currently having lectures.
How is the Biochem going?

Ishie said...

Mary; oh yeah; hell on earth. Like right now, the darned waves are keeping me awake! ;)

Dibasic; I like your blog!!! Good to have you here. Biochem... oh biochem... I'm altering between cautious optimism and panic. Is that good?