Jan 10, 2007

So Cool!

I'm on the rock, registered, thus can now run around yelling "I'm a medical student!" without feeling like I'm cheating.

I'm currently on the library's computers until I figure out how my roommate (who's awesome) made the ethernet work. No wi fi hotspot in our dorm room though.

Initial impressions (no pictures for this brief blog folks, due to location).

PRETTY! Impression 1. Even at night, this place is absolutely gorgeous. I woke up this morning with the breeze blowing lightly in my face from the window, and to the sound of waves crashing. You can see the water from the dorms. It's like a Jimmy Buffet song without booze... well, not yet. I saw Smirnoff Ice (!!!), Carib, and some other interesting spirits at the student store, which is a time saver!

"Dry" season had two showers last night, but they were quite pleasant due to the heat, which is around 80 degrees and humid. I don't think the air conditioner works.

People here, so far, have been extremely nice. Everyone is very helpful, though you do get tiny bits of runaround here and there, but they're very pleasant about it.

The dorm rooms are a lot nicer than I was expecting, including a bit larger than I was expecting. They're still very small, but compared to the "sleeping next to your roommate" that I'd heard about, not bad. No bugs yet.

Showers are cold. This is not necessarily a bad thing here, and they're so FORCEFUL. I haven't been this clean in years!

Everything on campus is uphill. I'm not exactly sure how that works, since it appears to defy all laws of physics, but that's the way it is. On the plus side, I'm trying to drop a few of those "cubicle" pounds, and between the heat decreasing appetite and the hikes around campus, I'm thinking I'll be in those size 4s in... oh... two days. And I'm not wishful thinking! Heh heh.

Well, ta folks! I'll update later with more details, but initial impressions of the Rock are quite good. The pictures, which are also quite good, don't do it justice.


Saora1 said...

Hate to break it to you kiddo (can I call you that since I'm only a year older than you?) but I saw most of my classmates expand during medical school rather then get smaller.

Sitting hunched over a desk studying for most days is more conducive to gaining pounds than those ever so pleasant hikes up the hill (gawd, I hate that hill) will ever do to make you lose them. *sigh*

Anyway, keep on blogging cause you're a great source of entertainment. I've now read all of your posts. :)

PS If you're ever around the gym at around noon, stop by and say hi. I'm 6'2", white (yep, even though I'm Grenadian) with short brown hair and currently experimenting with what I hope people will recognize as a beard. We can come up with some kind of secret sign so you don't have to bust in and scream "Any Ishie blog fans in here?" *grin*

Anyway, back to Biochem. It's somehow scary that in two years I've somehow managed to forget more than I ever learned in the first place.

Jaywalk said...

another fellow VMDer here who wants to welcome you to SGU/GND.

if you ever have any Qs, PM me on VMD.

Carsten/emt036 said...

Have fun on the rock, and good luck :-)

And they still haven't fixed the A/C units in SD1? They needed $10,000(US) in repairs when I was an RA there, and they kept promising that they would be fixed "soon." Hopefully, the chillers are fixed and it is just your unit. Is there much air blowing out of the A/C? If not, the filters probably need to be cleaned. Lift up the white front cover and remove/clean the black filters underneath. Check to see if the piping underneath is cool. If not, contact your RA so that they can get Maint. to look at it. Just be aware though that the A/C's in the SuperDorms are repaired but an outside contractor, not SGU, so the process can take a few days. If it becomes unbearable, talke to Ms. D. Buckmire in the Business Administrator's Office (in the Chancellory). She has the contractor's personal cell and is not afraid to use it. :-) Also, contact your RA regarding the water - it is solar heated, and was boiling hot when I was there, so really you shouldn't be having cold water.

Hope you keep the blog up, very entertaining. Let me know if you have any questions, or if I can bear any influence as a former "RA of the Year" to get the repairs done. Ha ha, I don't think anything can speed up Grenadian time. :-)

Ishie said...

Wow, thanks guys!!! Look at all the SGU'ers!

Carsten: fortunately, they do seem to have fixed the air conditioner except for the SU (Stupid User). But I can ALWAYS use tips from RA of the year!

The water is solar heated? I saw the panels in the roof from the bus stop and thought "That's an odd place for a greenhouse". D'oh.

Jaywalk: Thanks! And you were damnably right about Prague and Bay Shore not knowing the score. Sniff.

Saora: Thanks! I'll check out the gym; I'll probably be over there in the evenings since I'm a heat wimp. Yes you can call me "kiddo", so long as you don't also shoot me in the head (Kill Bill), and as for gaining weight by studying, I think not! I was a tech writer thus chained to a cubicle, but got to drive between destinations... AND had more money to pay for food! Good luck studying that biochem; that scares me!!

Anonymous said...

{{{{{{ Ishie }}}}}}} Glad you made it to the rock safe and sound. Sounds like a very interesting place! Hills? Yuck, that kinda ruins it for me to visit you and walk around campus with ya! lol. Me and hills just don't get along well.

Best wishes on getting settled in and prepared to start classes! Glad you hit it off right away with your roomie. That sure makes it much easier to get settled in, huh?

Take care of yourself and please continue to keep us updated as much as possible. I check in and read your blogs on a regular basis, but this is the first time I've posted. Of course, since I don't have an account and have to log in as anonymous, you probably won't even know who I am. Hehehe, maybe I will leave you in suspicion for awhile and see if you can guess. Muahahaha