Jan 13, 2007

Drunken Swedes!!!

Yea!!! My first drunken blog!

Okay, first of all, to all concerned friends and family, I was still with it enough to not get into the unmarked car with the guy claiming to be a taxi, and he finally got bored with my drunken conversation of "but you aren't a taxi... cuz you don't have a sign!" and he finally said "Okay, lady" and drove off and got a REAL taxi that took me RIGHT to my dorm.

Hmmm... so verdict is, I like Banana's! That's the local club, known for having good food and a solemn atmosphere in the early evening and part-ay in the late night, and I can spell it "part-ay" because they were playing circa late 80s-early 90s music, thus, when the vocalist screeched "everybody dance now!", I obeyed wholeheartedly...

But my Swedish sailor friends... not students, sailors, namely, introduced me to Jager shots, which introduced me to staggering into my dorm laughing, much to the amusement of my sober roommate. Haven't been to a bash like that in a LONG time; I can tell you that.

Earlier earlier earlier, since I'm blog mad right now, and my probably-evil roommate has advised me that blogging drunk is the absolute best thing I could do... (just kidding J'Leise)

This morning was the orientation cruise, otherwise known as yet another drunken bash, but one that started earlier in the morning, and one in which I retained some degree of sobriety AND go to met 5W from valuemd. Rock on! It rained intermittedly (sp?) but not for the swimming time, during which I met an awesome chick named Laurie that's interested in the sort of humanitarian stuff that makes me feel like a bad person even though I'm also interested in humanitarian stuff... don't ask me.

But lots of swimming!

This was the Rhum Runner cruise. The original Rhum Runner is underwater, which should have concerned me, but I can swim so as our commander in chimp said, bring it on.

Nice thing was, the rum was free; the water cost money. I saw this as a good omen. On the way back, it rained like the proverbial mutha, thus while everyone else, soaking wet from swimming, charged downstairs to avoid apparently getting more wet, I jumped on the front like a psuedo Kate Winslet, pumped my arms in the air and yelled "woo!" despite not being particularly drunk at such a stage (unlike now). This prompted an excellent conversation with a brilliantly good specimen of maleness from Botswana who mentioned not being able to swim, which makes him braver than I am.

Soaked and freezing, I boarded the late buses back to campus after a heated salsa number with one of the boat crew. I emphasize again that I was not drunk at that point.

And yes, Saora, I met tons of people on said cruise, and it rawwwwked! In the 90s high school spelling sense of the word! Great people.

Coming back, I ran into.... my parents! Turns out they didn't have enough buses for the Grenville nutmeg factory tour, which I'd really wanted to do but it overlapped with my drunk rum cruise, thus they waited for us and I got to do it. I'll post more nutmeg pictures later, but I'm too lazy to hook up my own camera. Ha!

On the nutmeg bus, I met none other than ModernDayGilligan, the tour guide, also distinguished as having the best valuemd handle ever! Sweet! Thanks to him, I got all my souveniers back after stupidly forgetting them, but we did get to follow the nutmeg tour with another waterfall tour, leading me to take this picture with mom's camera since I was too chicken to drag mine into the rain:

Because naturally, it started pouring. I am SO going back to that waterfall (Concord) though, because it's frigging gorgeous and has like fifty different stages. Niiiiiice.

After that was dinner at Banana's (mmm lobster) followed by... well, drunken antics with my new friends!

And now to bed. Full day tomorrow. I'm going to be starting this med school bit soon, eh?

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