Jan 22, 2007

My Name is Ishie and I'm an Internetaholic

"Hi Ishie"

By the gods!

So now, my internet woes are shared by campus, and boy, does it suck. The internet, both wireless and ethernet, has gone full hemorrhage, and has crapped out everywhere except the library (which is persistantly full of angry people) and the upstairs IT room, where I now sit, along with people desperately reviewing lecture slides, corresponding on AIM, and watching Desperate Housewives. What is it about that show?

On the plus side, in the limited access I had to my email, I got both *another* entreaty for my information and available times (bringing the number of times I've sent them that information up to three), and have been informed that a ticket number was issued, I believe, thanks to cool guy who contacted me on this forum, as well as my roommate going by in person to express her dissatisfaction at being completely ignored.

But dammit, if we can't have internet, then NO ONE can have internet, though technically we did have internet, we just had to share it, something that doesn't seem problematic until the full-on throwdown for it during midterms.

Another plus to me and not to part of the rest of campus is that... gods people shut the hell up, this is a computer lab specified no talking... I want my internet!!!!; sorry folks; anyhoo, the CPR exam scheduled for Thursday is no longer scheduled for Thursday because there aren't any books on the island, a glaring oversight, since I believe those books are part of our term one handouts, and THEN, they were at first indicating that said victims of the full course would have to PAY for the books despite them being covered in our tuition. Roommate was displeased, to say the least.

Fortunately, the exam has now been postponed since they felt it unfair to make them take an exam for which they have no books, though from what I've heard, you barely need it. My bets are the books are in Granada, Spain. Olé!

In other news, the Clinical Skills department, incidentally the ones who forced us to attend the professionalism lecture (and who subsequently announced the time and place of the CPR short course two hours before the thing started), has these development groups I know nothing about because nothing has been announced, AND are sufficiently screwing up my lab-lecture break because I have a small groups section on ethics, where I'm torn between the ethicality of being honest and admitting to what a jaded materialist I actually am, and putting in the "right" answers.

It did not help my frame of mind for the ethics section that our required reading packet contained an article about medicine and money that was so unbelievably patronizing to patients that it defied imagination. Apparently doctors, as part of the "ruling class" have an obligation to the society that helped create them. Yeesh. I'm told said doctors even occasionally take on human form to deign to speak with the trod upon masses. Somehow I think this is all going to boil down to a professor calling me a hedonist. Sigh. Again. I wish we had our original Scottish dude back though. He seemed cool. And he let me get away with not having my foot in a cast because he was staffing the clinic. Sweeeet!

But I digress. When don't I?

Sunday was beach day. Man oh man is Grand Anse beautiful! Though I apparently met my future husband, or so he thought. His friend was plenty hottie, but had the detraction of being associated with someone who hoots at women on the beach. Ah well. I snorkeled, which I discovered is a mite difficult getting down there with a bum foot (and no fins), but nonetheless saw a number of purdy fish species, one of which was or resembled a flying gernard; spotted a stonefish, a flounder, some fairy basslets, heads of brain coral, etc, and that's all simply snorkeling out of range of the boats! I'm SO diving this weekend.

Yesterday evening brought socialization with the smokers who accumulate outside the superdorms and have mad hookups. Sam (though I'm probably spelling his name horribly wrong) hooked me up with one of the macdaddies which has great practice exams, so wahoo! And he likes House! Everyone should like House. Though apparently everyone likes Desperate Housewives, which I'm told has a lack of cranky vicodin addicts.

Today was all right. I'm a fan of histology because our professor Dr. Paparo is absolutely awesome, funny, and repeats key terminology repeatedly and shows it from different angles (including the "Walt Disney") until it's beaten into your brain. This is a VERY good thing because histo, to me, seems like one of those classes that taught wrong could be VERY VERY VERY BAD.

Speaking of VERY BAD, we changed lecturers in biochem today, and I honestly could have learned more biochem by spending that two hours watching Scrubs in my dorm room. Or House. Or Rugrats. Seriously, what the hell??? Fortunately, I discovered that when I grow up I want to marry Dr. Lippencott of textbook writing fame, who cleared up the wasted two hours of my life I will NEVER get back with a very approachable chapter on DNA, which I had previously understood prior to lecture. Grrr.

Tomorrow will be the day of misery; I've designated it on my calendar, not due to a lack of interesting subjects, since I love anatomy, but by the fact that from 8-10 I have anatomy lab; from 10 to 12 I have ethics small group, and I have no idea where; from 1 to 3 I have anatomy; from 3-4 I have embryology; and from 4-5, I have... ethics again!

I didn't like going 8 to 5 when I worked a mindless cube job. By 5 tomorrow, my brain is going to have the consistancy of warm jello, leak out my ears, and cause classmates to go "Ew".

Fortunately after that, barring additional, unannounced intrusions by your friendly neighborhood clinical skills department, I will have my full mornings free to study W-F with no class until lectures at 1 PM. Unfortunately, I suspect CS will throw something else in there because their motto seems to be "Think you're going to get caught up in your classes? Guess again!"


Mom said...

You are a nut

Ishie said...

Mama-san! Que pasa??

Saora1 said...

lol, nice update.

Long days will become your life. It only gets worse from here. Sucks. The only good thing is that because you started in January, you get a long break to look forward to over the summer.

Dr. P is awesome!! He was my advisor. The Walt Disneys get old pretty quickly though. But his office door is always open and he genuinely gives a crap.

Clinical Skills department needs MAJOR work. It gets better in St. Vincent. Yeah, all the way then. My medical ethics class in undergrad was about 10 orders of magnitude than the so-called class in medical school of all places. You'd think that one would have a little more effort put into it. Not like it's important or anything.

Oh well, enjoy week two and hope the net goes back up soon.

lol, I just re-read my post and I seem like a big whiner. I'm not really. Honest. :)

Saora1 said...

PS Hi Ishie's mom. *waves*

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Grenada.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....welcome to SGU! LOL! CS keeps doing it over and over and over again!

Ishie's Mom said...

Hi Saora1,
Thank you. I had an incredible time. It is gorgeous there, and I know Ish will be happy (most of the time). Now if we could just stop her from spraining ankles and cuddling venomous sea critters, I could rest easy.