Jan 17, 2007

Check... check one... yo yo yo... check

*Not* a nice wake up call.

They had the school's 30th birthday today, which was, in one sense, neat, and in one sense, annoying as hell.

First of all, waking me up early by having a guy check the microphone for 15 minutes isn't cool. It works, dude, frigging stop it.

In my dorm room, there are precisely four ethernet jacks. Precisely one of them works, thus my roommate and I, while trying to study lecture slides that CANNOT be printed off Angel (our server) due to copyright issues without doing an "Alt/Print Screen" for all of them, only one of us can be online at a time. This also means for things like email, blogging, IM, banking, etc. NOT good.

IT has been ignoring us for a couple days so I filed a work order with our RA, but still... But I couldn't stalk IT directly because, naturally, they're closed today, as was the main library, as was the clinical skills office where I have to wait to get my handout, as was maintenance... sigh.

So, frustrated, I decided to study anyway, which is extremely distracting when there is Reggae music BLARING through your dorm window, regardless of whether it's open. It was a bit loud for the level I'd have had it at if I'd been playing it on a radio in my room. Very intrusive. This was punctuated by a listing of all the countries (accompanited by screams, particularly from the Trinis (wooo!!!)) involved with SGU. 136, I think? That was neat, though Zambia? Really? And for the record, Zaire isn't a country anymore because they decided having two Congos was more confusing to foreign devils, so time to update the speech, guys!

So distracted and sharing internet, I decided to join the festivities, only to discover that security and a few others are a lot ruder than most of the students have been! I was trying to get food or a free gift and people kept SHOVING past me in line, with one security guard damn near knocking me off my crutches to get her gift. Yeesh!

I went up to the study lounge to try and poach some internet, only, in my attempt to secure the wireless connection, I screwed up my ethernet connection, and couldn't access ANYTHING. This pissed me off to a rather extreme degree (turned out I'd somehow added it to a netword bridge because I'm an idiot) so vented all over my roommate. Poor J'Leise.

I hopped to the library to discover it closed, so hopped up another flight of stairs to find the computer lab, which was blessedly open AND relatively free of blaring music. Rock on! So I did a buttload of embryology studying and didn't even giggle at the fertilization process NOR the word "cleavage". Props to me!

Though there are a couple of enzymes involved with names that sound like they got ripped out of a Czech dictionary. Holy crap, I hope we don't have to know them.

So home again, feeling smugly productive. Well, until I started blogging. Booyah. Wet lab tomorrow, which means having to wear a shoe on my nasty foot. Ah well.

Tonight, if they're running it, I'm hoping to get to the pd lab (whereever that is) because there are notices about a showing of House, and I'm a Houseaholic. In fact, I actually sprained my ankle in the hopes of getting a cane and a drug habit (since I already have the bad attitude), and unfortunately, overdid it and ended up with TWO canes, which actually works out, because now I have the ability to hit people on both sides of me. It doesn't leave me a free hand to punch good looking Ozzie doctors in the face though. Tut tut.


Robert K. Blechman said...

Hi Ishie,

I'm sorry to hear about your internet problems and disturbed to hear that IT has been ignoring you. I am the Associate Director of IT for St. George's. If you can send me your help desk ticket number, I will follow up for you and get some results. If you haven't sent a email to the help desk you can at helpdesk@sgu.edu. Copy me and I'll make sure it isn't ignored.


Ishie said...

Hi Bob, thanks for the response!

I have sent emails, but I don't have a ticket number. One of my emails got answered; the other didn't and no service. No one's answered my roommate's letter at all though.

You can email me at ishie_sancho@yahoo.com (any of you can; actually!) so I can give you any info you need?