Jan 19, 2007

Thanks Santa!

I didn't want to impose on Santa anymore because last year, I asked for a Republican sex scandal pre-elections and got TWO, and asked Santa for my updated loan status and got approved!

Combining that with the fact that it's after Christmas, and I'm not the right religious denomination anyway, I figured I'd give the portly guy a rest and work out my current network of problems on my own.

Well, either I did something incredibly good I don't know about thus getting a post holiday reward, or Random Chance favors the whiny, because after a rather nasty Reggae filled day of multiple frustrations while still hobbling about on crutches, things took a turn the next day and continue to improve.

First and foremost, they haven't blared 9 hours of music from the quad since Wednesday. This may seem like a small deal to some, but while I like a party as much as the next person, and I like reggae just fine, when you cannot escape the noise whereever you go nor can you find any assistance, it wears on you.

That in itself was sufficient to improve my mental state considerably. Even Wednesday night helped because I managed to skip a 'mandatory' dorm orientation meeting, even though I'd lived there for a week (don't do that; don't do that, respect respect) by leaping into bed when the door knock came, elevating my ankle, and moaning pitiously. Manipulative? Who me?

So yesterday was a continuation of anatomy with Dr. Jordan, whose name I will never forget because of the fantasy author by the same full name, whose a bit of a card, which I knew from both the open houses I attended. Between he and Dr. Curry, I'm liking anatomy, and I'm also liking the version of the male back/buttocks/nude ballet photo they keep showing in the lecture slides because whoever that model is, he's a fine male specimen indeed. That's a latissimus dorsi you can take home to mother.

There was an embryology lecture following that I actually understood today. On the last one, I was considering ditching lecture altogether because I couldn't understand a word, but today was slower, clearer, and I was sitting in the TA row (taking full advantage of injury) so got to hear statements like "test question!"

Finally, there came the moment of truth for me: biochem, the class I've been dreading after my disgraceful performance in organic chemistry, a class which has probably initiated more suicides than any other.

So far, it seems very approachable. Granted, it's an introductory lecture, but it seems more BIO oriented (hence the name), thus making me happy. The instructor is fine, though I've heard one of them is a misanthropic bastard, but I haven't run afoul of anyone bearing that description *yet*.

I enrolled in Surgery Club at the bazaar and they were hosting a chief resident in orthopedic surgery doing a Q&A (sweet!!) AND handing out the online Rohan atlas via our flash drives. Swwweeee-heeet!

Speaker was good; taught me a lot about the match, and made me contemplate actually getting a research job this summer rather than bumming about, which had been my initial intention.

But today... today!!!!

I CAN WALK!!!!! Not well, mind you, but those miserable Tiny Tim instruments of irritation are gone!! Well, gone meaning leaning against the wall of my dorm, but I limped to histo lab without issue! Huzzah! So it doesn't much hurt; it's just turning all sorts of atrocious colors and I keep waiting for the swelling to go down. So now I'm a bit gimpy but not all out handicapped, which is SO nice, though I did wake up nearly with a scream when the other leg, no doubt pissed off by the crutches, charley horsed. Yaa! Thanks other leg. Maybe it just was jealous of the attention the left ankle was getting and developed Munchausen's. Dunno. Punished it by standing on it though.

Histo lab was fine; lots of slides memorization, and unbeknownst to me, we actually DO have to know what the stains are, but in practice, it became useful because you can identify structures based on what color they are, making the little horn rimmed bespectacled geekazoid inside me smile and flutter. Ah, science. You flirty little devil, you.

Then, motivated by a requirement to bring my laptop to subsequent histo labs to present lecture slides (which are online), I was going to make a quick ethernet stop in the study lab and proceed to IT to help me with my wireless connection (oxymoron?), and discovered that my wireless works now in the top floor! Yea! I don't know what I did, but ha ha! STILL have broken ethernet jacks in the room though, but at least now I'm not totally screwed.

Thus good times, and I plan to go drinking with the downstairs fun chicks tonight now that I'm not totally laid up on crutches. There's a party at Aquarium tonight, but I think I'll ditch that and let my ankle heal to allow license to sprain the other one. This place sucks on crutches. I imagine a wheelchair would be unimaginably worse.


David said...

I agree, this place has been so nice and quiet without the blaring music. I'm glad your leg healed fast!

Ishie said...

Hey David, what's up??