Jan 27, 2007

Okay, no whining

Though I'll probably whine anyway, despite being in a MUCH better state of mind.

I am YET AGAIN typing this blog entry from the computer lab, but I will post pictures when I get back to the dorm! Really! Why am I in the computer lab instead of on my internet connection? Eh... I dunno. I went out for a powerwalk (can't jog yet due to the bum limb, so have to do the oh-so-hip low impact thing and ended up here. Can't complain. I'm aware of my roommates relative exhaustion, so she may be crashing early, thus I figured at the culmination of a decent workout, I'd get my study-swerve on by doing some hardcore slide-examining in the computer lab without disturbing her.

So naturally, I decided to blog the second I had my hands on the hardwire. D'oh. But I'll study later. Really!

Part of the problem with studying is that I'm so used to cramming that now that I've been studying pretty steadily and doing the "right" thing, I feel like the exam should come any minute and then I'll be done until the next two week long cram session in a few months...

Unfortunately, I'm not actually "cramming", merely being responsible, and the exam I'm technically studying for is in two years. That's a lotta cramming!

The plus side is that now that the DTs have subsided from not having a television (though I've been using iTunes and peekvid as a cable 'patch' if you will), when I'm bored and generally don't feel like doing anything, instead of vegetating, I just study the subject that seems the most approachable, which generally is embryology, since it reads like a book since it has a beginning and an end. Reviewing my anatomy flashcards also kills the time.

Oh, as it turns out, my roommate wasn't plotting my death, but made the vast fallacy of being quiet at the precise moment I was feeling intense paranoia.

Today I was a good girl, for the most part, and was asked to help a friend study for anatomy, which forced me to stop treating that class with the complacency it so does *not* deserve and actually study for it, highlighting to me the fact that I do not, in fact, know everything about the gross structure of the human body and should deign to pay attention to it lest I fail the class that's supposed to be my cheater course! (to clarify to stop the angry emails, I've taken the class before in an almost identical format, and worked in an anatomy lab for several years, thus allowing biochem to be the thing that kicks my ass rather than the more predictable one).

Now, thanks to my friend, I am at one with the axillary artery and the brachial plexus. You might say I know them as well as the underside of my arm. Ooooooh, I'm ducking the tomatoes thrown at me for that one.

I've also continued to discover the unmitigated joys of webcams, including useless extras that makes immature people like me sing with joy, such as being able to give yourself the appearance of being on fire or having psychedelic trails follow you around. Who needs television? Someday I will get used to the Jetsons techology of webcams and will cease making the other people on the other side look up my nose, observe my sticking my tongue out or playing the "look, I'm going downstairs!" game. Doesn't it fill you all with comfort to know I'm going to (hopefully) be a doctor? Mwa ha ha ha ha.

Last night I most decidedly could NOT get into the study groove so made far more productive use of my time by going back to Aquarium, aka the scene of the crime, aka, a chance for it to go after Ishie's right ankle this time, but I reigned triumphant.

Unfortunately, despite my ingestion of the local rum and beer (and this time I *did* get a formaldehyde infused batch of Carib, Carsten, gah), the party was pretty dead, so I grabbed a cab to Banana's, thus beginning my first "bar hopping" experience in the Caribbean! Wahoo! Banana's was hopping, yet, again, full of Swedish sailors. What the hell? One guy was claiming to have actually sailed to Grenada FROM Sweden and I have yet to figure out whether he was yanking my chain. I'm so gullible.

About halfway through my stagger home (Banana's is in walking distance of the school in some brilliant planning), one of the SGU buses saved me the rest of the walk by actually swerving over and honking. Awesome! Having every intention of heading up to my dorm like a good girl, I ran into one of the cool guys from my dorm, and ended up having a-NOTHER Carib (I think the better stuff comes in the bottles; the canned stuff tastes decidedly different) and 'charmingly' laughing with all the drunk compatriots that came by to secure BBQ that was inexplicably being cooked up in front of the lower bus stop at 2 in the morning. Don't ask me.

Interestingly, my interviewer for the spot, who apparently thought I was a complete moron, had told me that I couldn't just roll out of bed at two in the morning and go to AM/PM. I'm not entirely sure *why* he thought this would be part of my regular routine (note to self: work out more), but I should go back and say "I may not be able to go to AM/PM, but I can get BBQ chicken fresh off the outdoor grill at 2 in the morning, which incidentally, I never saw in Sacramento."

In conclusion, much later than intended, hopped back up the stairs (I can never get TOO drunk here, because I always have to be able to make it up that flight of stairs to the "first" floor because they use freaky Euro numbering here) and crashed, which made me feel WONDERFUL to wake up and go to wet lab (ie cadaver lab, ie heavy formalin making my eyes water lab) today. But ask me about the circumflex scapular artery!

Most importantly, I'm going diving! I'm going diving!! Hooray! Tomorrow, I head out early to explore the seas with DiveGrenada, staffed by awesome people that call me "luv".


Anonymous said...

Ishie...do yourself a favour and never walk from bananas to campus. Too many incidents take place at that seemingly innocuous stretch!

Ishie said...

Zoiks, really? All right! Thanks for the heads up!

Saora1 said...

Yup, was gonna advise the same but Mr/Mrs anonymous with the BRITISH spelling (go you!!) beat me to it.

Hope the ankle's coming along okay (sounds like it if you're power-walking and going diving) and you enjoyed your day trip.

Anonymous said...

Just curious...what is your sexual preference?

Ishie said...

I'm sorry... you are?