Apr 28, 2008

Inclusion bodies?

Sorry about the comments lockdown, guys. Had a troll infection. Now, my only question is whether trolls produce inclusion bodies in the cytoplasm or the nucleus, and if it's the cytoplasm, can you see S-100 dense core granules using electron microscopy?

I'm also a big fan of EM for the cool factor, and it's one of those devices that while I've never been able to use one, given infinite time and money, I could probably play with it for months, much like I could play with agar plates given sufficient quantities.

Today (well, yesterday) has been one of those rare productive days where I can't rattle off lines from season 347 Simpsons episodes so in turn I may rattle off etiological agents that cause your brain to turn into goo. This is fitting because the brain-goo micro lectures timed perfectly with 500 slides in three lectures worth of brain-goo, so the studying becomes the symptom. Oh, and don't go anywhere in the world. If you do, don't eat, drink, blink, or breathe anywhere or your meninges will explode, but we already knew that from parasit, and honestly, having my brain erupt is a far more attractive prospect than ascaris. Virtually anything is.

Also, why does everything need to suddenly focus on Venezuela when I'm planning on heading there in December? Border conflicts weren't enough, but now suddenly everything's endemic to it too? Ick. Who'd have thought that planning a hike through rainforest could harbor so many pathogens? Oh wait. Though honestly, after micro, who'd have thought the Arizona desert would harbor so many pathogens? You'd think all you could get there is skin cancer, but no.

After that came a crash course in HIV infection. Apparently, the original blame has been shifted from the long-maligned green monkeys to Bobo, the AIDS chimp. This is going to make it a *lot* harder for Jane Goodall to save them.

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