May 4, 2008

Whipping through GI

And I don't mean the study, I mean the lectures... hmm... buncha slides not covered in lecture that are covered by the objectives, and the pictures we're not covering aren't on Sonic or anywhere else, but just know them for the exam in a little over a week. In the meantime, we're going to run the lectures long anyway, WHILE racing through the bowels so quickly that it makes me think the leading cause of polyps is the tissue thrown back when the instructor burns off his tires.

Unlike micro. In micro, the GI tract must be lovingly addressed since there are 6 billion things that give you diarrhea and 6 billion more things that give you *bloody* diarrhea. Incidentally, number 6 billion and one for the latter is medical school, and I'll let you guess the mechanism. Gonna be a lot of people with that after the exams, I think.

So that's pleasant. On the plus side, I've finally discovered that I'm working well in a small group for restudy, where usually I avoid group study like the plague since I either end up bored, distracted, or panicked, but being able to work it from 8 pm to 1 in the morning or so is totally working for my night owl schedule.

Doesn't keep me from staying up all night, periodically wandering around the apartment complex though. Can't let the security guards think I've gone sane or anything.

So what's new? Other than the constant studying due to the approach of upcoming exams? Well, took a break last Monday to go to dinner in St. George's, and ate at Crabback, which I recommend. Since the name was inviting, decided to have crabback, goat curry, and rum punch, and then in an attempt to find the post-first-hash ice cream place/bar/house of moonshine, so I could show Dave, ended up walking from St. George's back to my apartment, a distance of somewhere around 4 miles. Only to remember that perhaps the place we were looking for MAY have been on the other side of the restaurant we'd been frequenting. Oops. Still, a nice walk.

In the interim, I've been busy breaking my computer, achieving a sort of functional grieving over my computer, regaining the use of my computer, and then dancing around singing "So Happy Together" because I have an unnatural attachment to my laptop.

So what did I do? While painstakingly trying to protect it, I was trying to bus my cereal bowl to the kitchen, and insodoing, flipped it directly onto my keyboard, which is apparently contraindicated by the manufacturer, something they should totally put on the computer as a warning sticker "Caution: Dumping milk and cereal concretions into electronics is bad for them."

I immediately ran for towels, uttering profanity in my wake, and thought things were good until my computer made a grinding noise. So I took out the battery and dried it out, no luck when I turned it on later, with continuing to have no luck, and resigning myself to study at the library, and never be able to procrastinate on facebook again, when lo and behold, my baby came back to life! And then, all I had to do was completely reinstall the sound care software, which I'd screwed up. And that was fun. And now I can use my computer for its original purpose: pausing Sonic Foundry with every intention of studying and then spending the next two hours watching YouTube. Leeroy Jenkins!

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