Apr 21, 2008


Studying pictures of ocular pathologies for my clinical skills quiz tomorrow is making my eyeballs itch.

I also got the distinct pleasure earlier of being able to utter the phrase "it's not lupus" and mean it! House fans in the audience?

In other news, I survived a night hash, got to do the last leg hanging out of the back of a pickup truck due to some remarkably good timing at arriving at the free-drink place down by Food Fair, discovered that Banana's is TRULY unreasonable about the timing of the conversion of the game room to a stupid dance club (RIGHT in the middle of our dart game!), so topped off the night by playing blackjack at my place. Forget them; I was losing at darts anyway.

Got to hash with Becky, who was a hash virgin, whom I got the distinctive pleasure of naming "Truckstop" (see above), but did NOT get to drench in beer in the initiation. What up?

In other other news, I haven't caught up in path and micro yet, but I'm still gonna go with "worth it!" And I did manage to get through three of the micro GI lectures, but there are so many disgusting critters and so little time.

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