Apr 16, 2008

Letters Home

Dear Mom and Dad,

Grenada is nice. I'm making friends with lots of the locals:

School is going okay. I think I finally found a study strategy that works for me:

But I do worry about the effect that it will have on my next exam:

I'm keeping up in path lab, but it's difficult to deal with the overcrowding:

Though the path tutors keep a watchful eye on us:

They still really give you the feeling that they view you as equal colleagues fully worthy of their respect:

Still, despite my progress, and though Grenada's beaches are nice:

It all leaves me feeling well, kind of like this:

So, I've still decided to buy a boat:

And instead of medical school, sail back to Puerto Rico:

Where I can apprentice under the world's fastest bartender:

After a couple years, I'll be heading to Anguilla:

to open a bar of my own:

I've already okayed it with the highest government offices in Anguilla:

I figure, even if it doesn't work out, I can always become an airline pilot... or a short order cook. I'm not sure which:

As always, I love you guys lots, and please send money.


Oh, P.S., when you send the wire transfers, please send it to "Esmeralda". I'm going to have to change my name to avoid my student loan creditors:


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie,
Don't forget the hash as SGU (black sand beach) at 6p Sat. Hang tough!

Ishie said...

Hi Dr. Bob!!!

And absolutely, I'll be there! Though after micro lab, I may not engage in the post hash "beach swim"!