Apr 14, 2008

Dr. Acula, at your service...

Or MS2 Acula, to give my actual rank, but then the joke doesn't work!

Today felt like a *real* medicine day rather than a "Let's see how much we can cram down your throat and then test you on further minutia we barely touched on".

First was physical diagnosis lab (not including those lecture things I've heard so much about), where we got to peer at each other's ears, nose, and sinuses. Patient interviews are fine and all, and yield less testable material, but I do sure enjoy this way more, because you get to learn how to make your friends feel insecure about their minor asymmetries.

It was also a fairly short lab, allowing me to run to the bookstore just in time to realize that the "pen light" I'd been planning to buy was actually a keychain. Doh.

Path lab took a turn from "go through intense amounts of material while presenting slides" to "no new material except stabbing your classmates, looking at your blood under a microscope, and confirming your blood type." Yup, still A+. Always good to have that backup info.

So got my stab on, and since you stab members of your group, you get to see your handiwork the next day, so I hope I didn't leave too big a hematoma on my lab partner. For me, I've got two new holes in my elbows, and I can say they were done with a lot more finesse than my second to last professional blood draw before I came to SGU. I think that chick nailed an artery. Or an artery wrapped around the nerve. Or bone. I don't know what she was doing. Neither did she.

Then, in case the day wasn't going well enough, we got to meet with some people who did the Prague selective and get some more info. OH, for a chilly summer! And a bike ride to a castle church. And dollar beer! And Medieval restaurants! The list goes on and on. Still scoping out places to stay, hopefully in Prague 1. Need more roommates!

In other news, I'm STILL behind in micro, and need to do some blood stuff for path. But this term does feel like real doctoring, I have to say. Well, until test time. Then it feels like battery.


Mom said...

Nice to know your dad and I did not bleed for you in vein last summer!

Ishie said...

Ohhhh, very punny!!!

And yes, I thank you guys greatly for the use of your battered, bruised, and abused arms. You even finally taught me to point the needle up post stick so I don't splatter blood all over the place, and no, they *didn't* tell us that!

Câmera Digital said...
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