Apr 7, 2008

Out of the frying pan

And into the "What? Why are you making Clinical Skills hard?"

Midterms are over! Woot!!!!! Which leaves me sorely behind in my bathing and blogging. Those are the first two to go, next to shopping of course. So do I go over the redeemed birthday trip going island hopping? Do I talk about how good it felt to have a weekend without anything ostensibly due? Do I post a synopsis of Sunday's boat trip out to Hog Island? Do I lament the fact that though they seem to indicate the micro test grades are up, they aren't, though they apparently did toss some questions (CELLLLEBRATE good times, come on!), leaving me to pathologically hit "refresh" on Angel all day?

I suppose I'll start with the academics, throw in some vacation pictures, which I've been meaning to do but haven't had a chance to, and perhaps dabble in the boat ride... oh, and the Aquarium party on Friday night... jeeze, what's a blogger to do? I still don't think I've finished my Venezuela trip.

So exams went well, though I won't know that until the micro grade is in, but I don't feel as godawful about that exam as a lot of people, nor as godawful as I felt about path, which I still passed, so wahoo.

I am going to sing anthems to flashcards though, because though my grades aren't in for micro, I know that the majority of points I scored were flashcard points, including one question that I got on the BUS RIDE TO THE EXAM. Now *that* is some luck right there, and thank goodness, because all that virus stuff has already fallen out of my head. To think I once wanted to be a virologist.

The exam felt more straightforward and seemed to balance some ridiculously easy questions (wash your hands!!) with some ridiculously hard ones, but had a nice enough balance that I didn't get that mid-path exam sinking feeling of "Holy crap; I'm hail mary guessing on half of these". I spent the minutes before the exam sitting on the floor with my knees to my chest hurriedly moving through flashcards as I had earplugs in. Weird part is for path, I was pretty calm going in (sort of) and had more of a seize up during the exam, where I was completely running around in circles before micro and then felt calm and collected during the exam. Who knows?

Prior to the micro exam, I did get an illustrative example of everything we've learned in class by making the mistake of patting a pothound on the head on my way to sit down to do my last minute study. Said pothound then strolled over, started slobbering ALL over my face, including getting a few well placed slurps directly onto my mouth. Mmmm unvaccinated dog herpes. That's gonna be a board question!

Coming out of the exam, I met Dave at Pearl's who was ready and waiting with two wine coolers for Lori and me and a nonalcoholic beverage for Nina. Believe it or not, he came with traits like this when I met him!

He's also the reason I have pictures like:





Not to mention getting to eat the most awesome guacamole burger in history at the Puerto Rican Hard Rock Cafe. Mmm...

For anyone contemplating a long layover in Puerto Rico, DO IT. The old town (where all these pictures were taken) is within 20 minutes cab ride of the airport and they have it pretty tightly arranged. If you note the iguana, this was also a sore point for me started by American Airlines that Dave made up for. You see, I was scheduled for a 6 or 8 hour layover in San Juan at the end of first term. The plane was delayed so late that I missed my connection, spent hours in the Grenadian airport, and only got to see Puerto Rico as the sun was setting and had to stay in the airport to wait for my (also delayed) plane. AS the plane from Grenada to Puerto Rico was touching down and I was staring angrily out the window, all I could see were TONS of iguanas on the grass near the runway, which I'd been dying to see. I mentioned that I really wanted to see the iguanas as Dave and I flew back to Puerto Rico and the flight attendant politely laughed. I realized why when we got to the fort. The place is crawling with them! This was stop one on our island hop, and we started off very proper in history by touring the fort, wandering by city hall, wandering through Old San Juan and seeing all the sites:

Then, of course, logic prevailed:

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