Apr 13, 2008

Procrastination compensation

Making flashcards for 40 pages of path cardio notes goes down about as easily as drinking ground glass.

The problem with a packet that has 60 pages of notes is there is no natural "AHHHH" stopping point as a rule, thus you're forced to enforce arbitrarily time deadlines to keep your brain from giving up and checking the internet for new stuff every five minutes, or, in last night's case, flipping channels aimlessly until you pause at the Jack Black production of King Kong only to realize the entire first half of the movie has been cribbed almost directly from Jurassic Park and Congo, so you give up. Sorry, Peter Jackson. LotR was awesome though...

Speaking of things with large sharp teeth, tomorrow is going to be micro day, and the closing arguments of identifying respiratory infections by whether the invading virus has positive or negative sense strand RNA is the ONLY thing that could path look wonderful in comparison.

Oh, also Nina's b-day. Happy birthday. I cannot imagine the horror of having my birthday fall anywhere near fourth term. Ick. We'll be hitting La Belle Creole tomorrow for that couple hours between studying and studying.

I'd blog further and add in more trip and ship details, but if I don't get these congenital heart defects polished off tonight, I'm never going to. Why, oh WHY did I refuse to learn any embryology whatsoever during first term???

Oh right, they combined it into anatomy so you could conceivably ignore it and still pass. Hooray!

Still, philosophically not as bad as making behavioral science, ethics, jurisprudence, statistics and epidemiology one class though. "Hey! These subjects have nearly nothing in common. Let's conglomerate it and give it some weird PC jargon name so when these students are going for residencies, they have no sign of having taken any of them on their transcripts."

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