Apr 19, 2007

Ima Spaz...

So... I'm afraid of biochem. Clinically and all, meaning that biochem seems to cause panic attacks in your average Ishie. And yes, I'll get to the rest of the Margarita pictures, impatient people.

I realized this today in anatomy with a biochem quiz review tacked on the end. Why?

I'm good at anatomy. By that, I don't mean that I know everything about anatomy. I just like it and understand it. But when we were going over the ear, it has sensory innervation by about six billion cranial nerves (but there are only twelve cranial nerves, Ishie? Shut up, and appreciate hyperbole). My reaction to that plus the 7 bones that form the orbit? Meh. Need to study more anatomy and keep putting it off, but the fact that all I know about the ear is that there are three bones and a membrane in it doesn't bother me.

Then, we started going through the biochem quiz. I had forgotten some of the causes of orotic acid in the urine, so instead of getting UTP synthase, which ALSO causes orotic acid in the urine, which I knew, as well as knowing that it's a gene with two enzymes on it, I start getting panicked because I forgot about the buildup of ornithine transcarbamoylase or whatever it's called (fortunately the test is multiple choice) despite knowing exactly what the enzyme does, that it's in the liver mitochondria, and what its position is in the urea cycle.

Why, when I know ALMOST everything relating to a question in biochem but still get it wrong, does it induce panic, but having to use Wikipedia on an anatomy quiz because I haven't studied embryo since midterms make me think I simply need to revisit the topic?

Easy answer: the title of this post!

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nina said...

ok, ur version of panic, ur version of i dont know anything? is scaring me more than my so called knowledge of biochemistry is...did you know spazzy panic attacks were contagious?